Case Study #1

CASE STUDY : L.W. is a assistant practitioner in an burghal community. Abounding of her audience afresh immigrated to the United States from assorted countries. She is challenged by the abounding altered cultures she encounters and the altered ethics and behavior they authority against Western medicine. She is bent to acquire her clients’ trust. She does this by accouterment bloom affliction casework that are admiring of anniversary client’s bloom behavior and practices and cultural needs. She knows she charge set abreast her own ethics and behavior to focus on what is important to her audience in adjustment for them to accept acknowledged outcomes. QUESTION Give at atomic two examples of arising populations in the United States and call their cultural characteristics that ability baffle with their healthcare.  Then, abide to discuss the 3 capacity listed beneath for your case: Identify the altered roles and responsibilities of the nurse. Please altercate the challenges you ahead adverse back accomplishing the assorted roles of a assistant practitioner. How would you assignment to advance your weaknesses? Identify your strengths. Which accommodating citizenry is best acceptable to acquaintance bloom disparities and why? INSTRUCTIONS: Your antecedent column should be at atomic 500 words, formatted and cited in accepted APA appearance with abutment from at atomic 2 bookish sources. 

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