Case Study 03

   Tanita Tanita, a top Japanese architect of exceptional bath scales, accidentally stumbled on the abstraction to alter the ambit of its offerings. It was Tanita's canteen (cafeteria) that aggressive a alternation of new business ventures.  Historically, canteens were perceived as sources of acceptable commons in an ambiance that encouraged bodies to eat quickly.  The amount of aliment was low but came at the amount of little to no flavor.  Tanita absitively to claiming this trend by re-branding its canteen into added of an "eatery" that offered amount conscious, healthy, and acceptable meals.  Given the company's mission of allowance bodies alive advantageous lives, administration knew it was important to additionally accent these ethics amid employees. The changes Tanita fabricated to its cafeteria admiring the absorption of the media, and it anon became the accountable of a television documentary.  This helped advance appeal for advantageous but aged eating, and Tanita accomplished that it had an befalling to accompany its cafeteria commons to consumers.  In 2010, the aggregation appear a cookbook advantaged The Staff Canteen at Body Fat Calibration Maker Tanita:  500-kcal Commons that Will Accomplish You Full.  This book and its aftereffect awash about 5 actor copies and are now in about 10 percent of Japanese households.  The success of these cookbooks led to addition idea:  an flush cafeteria-style restaurant anchored in the business commune of Marunouchi in Central Tokyo.  The restaurant, featuring bloom items beneath 500-kcal, is so accepted that admission has to be controlled by two altered basement times and a action arrangement that issues tickets for entrance. By leveraging the focus on advantageous active that had fabricated its calibration business so successful, Tanita was able to extend the brand's accord with customers.  The compound book was the aboriginal footfall in Tanita earning believability as a absolute wellness brand.  Tanita's adept attitude additionally helped it booty advantage of alternative amplification advance options, such as the restaurant.    Questions: 1)  Describe which assets and competencies were finer leveraged by Tanita for growth. 2)  Evaluate the affection of its cast extensions application the belief in the chapter.  Using these criteria, what bloom articles would NOT accomplish faculty for Tanita to introduce? Source: Tomoko Otake, “Canteens Put Employees’ Bloom on the Menu,” The Japan Times, May 22, 2012, Remember to architecture your citations and references application  APA or MLA format. Two folio best for content.  

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