case studies on cyber security

   1. In this case study, the accepted archetype for cyber aegis is based on protection. Aegis depends on anecdotic vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures to abrogate their effects. These are circuitous human-based activities whose after-effects are ambiguous and not able of according 100assurance. While acclimated with some aftereffect for components, applications, and standalone system, the archetype of aegis is bereft for ensuring arrangement s, such as the nation’s analytical basement and DOS’s Global Advice Grid. Explain how you would go about anticipating and alienated the furnishings of affliction in analytic this case project. 2.  This abstraction has to do with a new bearing of malware which has evaded absolute cyber aegis products, which were engineered by awful accomplished programmers and showed that acceptable cyber aegis approaches are no best acceptable for able protection. Tasked with attention awful acute abstracts assets, government cyber aegis teams charge avert adjoin these threats on a circadian basis. Explain how government cyber aegis teams would go about analytic this new malware problem. Note: APA format, 0% plagiarism, and all references should be from the years 2007 to present day. Total 3 pages certificate appropriate (not including references) Note: The aloft two case studies (1 and 2) charge advice on anniversary case study

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