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Complete the following: African-American case abstraction #2 Appalachian case abstraction #1 Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000480 EndHTML:000083756 StartFragment:000001175 EndFragment:000083724 StartSelection:000001632 EndSelection:000083724 SourceURL:  PDF.js eyewitness        FRICAN AMERICAN CASE STUDY #2 Mr. and Mrs. Evans are an African American brace who retired from the academy system aftermost year. Both are 65 years of age a nd abide on 20 acreage of land in a ample rural community about 5 afar from a Superfund armpit and 20 afar from two chemical plants. Their domiciliary consists of their two daughters, Anna, age-old 40 years, and Dorothy, age-old 42 years; their grandc hildren, age-old 25, 20, 19, and 18; and their 2- year-old great-grandson. Anna and Doro thy and their accouchement all abounding the university. Mr. Evans’s mother and three of his nieces and nephews alive abutting door. Mr. Evans’s mother has brothers, sisters, ot her sons and daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who alive ac ross the alley on 10 acreage of land. Alternative actual and extended ancestors alive on the 80 acreage adjoining to Mr. Evans’s mother. All associates of the Evans ancestors own the acreage on which they live. Mrs. Evans has ancestors and continued fa mily active on 70 acreage of acreage adjoining to Mr. Evans’s family, who alive beyond the road. Mr. and Mrs. Evans additionally accept ancestors living in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Sa n Francisco, and Houston. Once a year, the families appear calm for a reunion. Every alternative month, bounded ancestors associates appear together for a amusing hour. The ancestors believes in strict conduct with lots of love. It is common to see developed associates of the ancestors discipline the adolescent children, behindhand of who the parents are. Mr. Evans has hypertension and diabetes . Mrs. Evans has hypertension. Both are on medication. Their babe Dorothy is bipolar and is on me dication. Aural the last 5 years, Mr. Evans has had several re latives diagnosed with lung blight and colon cancer. One of his affectionate uncles died last year from lung cancer. Mrs. Evans has indicated on her driver’s licen se that she is an agency donor. Sources of assets for Mr. and Mrs. Ev ans are their pensions from the academy system and Amusing Security. Dorothy receives SSI because she is clumsy to assignment any longer. Mr. Evans and his br others charge accept albatross for their mother’s medical bills and medication. Although she ha s Medicare genitalia A and B, abounding of her expenses are not covered. Mr. and Mrs. Evans, all associates of th eir household, and al l alternative continued family in the association appear a ample Bap tist abbey in the city. Several ancestors members, including Mr. and Mrs. Evans, sing in the choir, are associates of the conductor board, advise Bible classes, and do association ministry. Study Questions 1. Describe the authoritative st ructure of this ancestors and analyze strengths and      limitations of this family structure . 2. Describe and accord examples of what you be lieve to be the family’s ethics about      education.            3.  Discuss this family’s angle about adolescent rearing.        4. Altercate the role that adherence plays in this family. 5. Identify two religious or airy practices in which associates of the Evans    family may appoint for alleviative hypert ension, diabetes, and brainy illness. 6. Identify and altercate cultural angle that Dorothy and her parents may accept about      mental affliction and medication. 7. To what admeasurement are associates of the Evans fa mily at accident for illnesses associated      with ecology hazards? 8. Susan has absitively to become an agency donor. Describe how you anticipate the Evans      family will acknowledge to her decision.        9. Altercate angle that African Ameri cans accept about avant-garde directives.        10. Name two comestible bloom risks for African Americans. 11. Identify bristles characteristics to consider back assessing the bark of African        Americans.              12. Describe two anathema angle that Afri can Americans may accept about pregnancy. AMISH CASE STUDY Elmer and Mary Miller, both 35 years old, liv e with their bristles accouchement in the capital house on the ancestors acreage in one of th e bigger Amish settlements in Indiana. Aaron and Annie Schlabach, age-old 68 and 70, alive in the absorbed grandparents’ cottage. Mary is the youngest of their ei ght children, and back she married, she and Elmer confused into the grandparents’ cottage with the ambition that Elmer would booty over the acreage back Aaron capital to retire. Eight years ago, they traded active space. Now, Aaron continues to admonition with the acreage work, admitting accretion affliction in hi s hip, which the doctor advises should be replaced. Most of Mary’s and Elmer’s sibli ngs alive in the area, admitting not in the aforementioned church commune or settlement. Two of Elmer’s brothers and their families afresh moved to Tennessee, breadth farms are beneath big-ticket and breadth they are allowance to start a new abbey district. Mary and Elmer’s fifth child, Melvin, was built-in 6 weeks anon and is 1 month old. Sarah, age-old 13, Martin, age-old 12, and Wayne, age-old 8, appear the Amish elementary academy amid 1 mile from thei r home. Lucille, age-old 4, is blockage with Mary’s sister and her ancestors for a w eek because babyish Melvin has been accepting respiratory problems and their physician told the ancestors he will charge to be ailing if he does not get bigger aural 2 days. At the doctor’s office, Mary appropriate to one nurse, who generally talks with Mary about “Amish ways,” that Menno Martin, an Amish man who “gives treatments,” may be able to help. He uses “warm hands” to amusement bodies and is especially acceptable with babies because he can feel what is wrong. Th e assistant noticed that Mary anxiously placed the babyish on a pillow as she able to leave. Elmer and Mary do not backpack any hea lth allowance and are anxious about paying the doctor and hospital bills associat ed with this complicated pregnancy. In addition, they accept an arrangement for Wayne to be apparent at Rile y Children’s Hospital, 3 hours abroad at the University Medical Cent er in Indianapolis, for a alternating cyst located abaft his larboard ear. Plans are actuality made for a disciplinarian to booty Mary, Elmer, Wayne, Aaron, Annie, and two of Mary’s sist ers to Indianapolis for the appointment. Because it is on the way, they plan to stop in Fort Wayne to see an Amish healer who gives comestible admonition and does “treatment s.” Aaron, Annie, and Elmer accept been there before, and the alternative women are because accepting treatments, too. Abounding Amish and non-Amish go there and acquaint others how abundant bigger they feel afterwards the treatments. They apperceive their medical costs assume accessory in allegory to the ancestors who aftermost anniversary absent their barn in a blaze and to the adolescent brace whose 10-year-old adolescent had academician anaplasty afterwards a abatement from the hayl oft. Elmer gave mone y to admonition with the expenses of the adolescent and will go to the barn adopting to admonition clean the barn. Mary’s sisters will admonition to baker for the barn raisi ng, but Mary will not admonition this time because of the charge to affliction for her newborn. The accompaniment bloom administration is concer ned about the low immunization ante in the Amish communities. One community-health nurse, who works in the breadth breadth Elmer and Mary live, has volunteered to talk with Elmer, who is on the Amish academy board. The assistant wants to apprentice how the health administration can assignment added carefully with the Amish and additionally apprentice added about what the bodies apperceive about immunizations. The county bloom abettor thinks this is a wast e of time and that what they charge to do is let the Amish apperceive that they are creating a bloom hazard by ne glecting or abnegation to accept their accouchement immunized. Study Questions 1. Develop three advancing questions or statements to adviser you in your understanding of Mary and Elmer and what health and caring mean to them and to the Amish culture. 2.    List four or bristles areas of perinatal care that you would appetite to altercate with Mary. 3.    Why do you anticipate Mary placed the babyish on a pillow as she was abrogation the doctor’s office? 4.     If you were the assistant to whom Mrs. Mill er confided her absorption in demography the babyish to the folk healer, what would you do to le arn added about their accompanying use of folk and professiona l bloom services? 5.     List three items to altercate with the M illers to adapt them fo r their appointment at the medical center. 6.    If you were advancing the advertence fo r consultation, what would you acknowledgment about the Millers that would admonition to advance cu lturally coinciding ca re at the medical center? 7.    Imagine yourself participa ting in a affair with accompaniment and bounded bloom administration officials and several bounded physicians and nur ses to advance a plan to access the immunization ante in the counties with ample Amish populations. What would you suggest as means to achieve this goal? 8. Discuss two affidavit why abounding Old Orde r Amish accept not to backpack bloom insurance. 9. Name three bloom problems with abiogenetic links that are accustomed in some Amish communities. 10. How ability health-care providers use the Amish ethics of the three-generational family and their visiting patterns in pr omoting bloom in the Amish community? 11.   List three Amish ethics to consid er in prenatal apprenticeship classes. 12. Develop a comestible adviser for Amish wome n who are absorbed in accident weight. Consider Amish values, circadian lifestyl e, and aliment assembly and alertness patterns. 13.   List three means in which Amish accurate caring. APPALACHIAN CASE STUDY #1 William Kapp, age-old 55 years, and his wife, Gloria, age-old 37, accept afresh confused from an isolated rural breadth of arctic Appalachia to Denver, Colorado, because of Gloria’s failing health. Mrs. Kapp has had pulmonary t uberculosis for several years. They absitively to move to New Mexico because they heard that the altitude was bigger for Mrs. Kapp’s pulmonary condition. For an alien reason, they backward in Denver, breadth William obtained application authoritative apparatus parts. The Kapp’s oldest daughter, Ruth, ag ed 20, Ruth’s husband, Roy, age-old 24, and their daughter, Rebecca, age-old 17 months, confused with them so Ruth could admonition affliction for her ailing mother. Afterwards 2 months, Roy return ed to arctic Appalachia because he was unable to acquisition assignment in Denver. Ruth is 3 months’ pregnant. Because Mrs. Kapp has been activity “mor e poorly” in the aftermost few days, she has come to the dispensary and is accompanied by her husband, William, her babe Ruth, and her granddaughter, Rebecca. On admission, Glor ia is expectorating greenish sputum, which her bedmate estimates to be about a teac upful anniversary day. Gloria is 5 ft 5 in. alpine and weighs 92 pounds. Her temperature is 101.4°F, her beating is approved at 96 beats per minute, and her respirations are 30 per minute and labored. Her bark is dry and scaly with poor turgor. While the physician is analytical Mrs. Kapp, the assistant is demography added historical and demographic da ta from Mr. Kapp and Ruth. Th e assistant finds that Ruth has had no prenatal affliction and that her aboriginal chil d, Rebecca, was delivered at home with the assistance of a neighbor. Rebecca is anemic and suffers from common bouts of diarrhea and colicky symptoms. Mr. Kapp declines to action in formation apropos his bloom cachet and states that he takes affliction of himself. This is the aboriginal time Mrs. Kapp has s een a health-care provider back their relocation. Mr. Kapp has been alleviative his wife with a claret analeptic he makes from assimilation nails in water; a analgesic he ma kes from turpentine and lard, which he applies to her chest each morning; and a ahem anesthetic he makes from bedrock candy, whiskey, and honey, which he has her booty a tablespoon of four times a day. He feels this has been added beneficial than the decree medicati on accustomed to them afore they relocated. The child, Rebecca, has been demography a cup of ginseng tea for her colicky symptoms anniversary night and a cup of red ba rk tea anniversary morning for her diarrhea. Ruth’s alone complaint is the “sick headach e” she gets three to four times a week. She takes ginseng tea and Epsom salts for the headache. Mrs. Kapp is absolved with prescr iptions for isoniazid, rifampin, and an antibiotic and with instructions to acknowledgment in 1 anniversary for aftereffect based on the after-effects of blood tests, chest radiograph, and sputum cultures. She is additionally told to acknowledgment to the dispensary or emergency administration if her affection worsen afore then. The assistant gives Ruth directions for authoritative accessories with the pr enatal dispensary for herself and the pediatric well-child dispensary for Rebecca. Study Questions 1. Describe the clearing patterns of Appalachians over the aftermost 50 years. 2. Discuss issues accompanying to freedom in the workforce for Appalachians. More InformationLess Information Close Enter the countersign to accessible this PDF file. 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