FLUID AND ELECTROLYTES CASE STUDIES1) Mr. Johnson, 68-year-old, has been airsickness and has had diarrhea for 2 days. He complains of actuality dizzy. The assistant assesses his physiologic cachet and addendum that his anatomy are weak, his belly is distended, and bowel sounds are absent.a. What Electrolyte alterity do you suspect?b. What is the accustomed ambit for this electrolyte?c. What alternative affection can this accommodating accept apparent with this blazon of electrolyte imbalance?d. What analysis would be best adapted for this patient?2) Mrs. Unger has a aerial temperature and diaphoresis. She has been nauseated and has taken alone amber ale for the aftermost several days. Her lab tests appear a Sodium akin of 129 mEq/L and Potassium akin of 3.7 mEq/L.a. What blazon of electrolyte alterity do you suspect?b. What is the accustomed ambit for this electrolyte?c. What are some alternative analytic signs and affection ability you beam with this blazon of imbalance?d. When testing Mrs. Unger’s urine, what would you doubtable her specific force to be? e. What analysis would be best adapted for this patient?3) A accommodating has aloof accustomed an administering of an intravenous potassium too rapidly.a. What signs and affection would you appraise for?b. What lab ethics would you analysis for this patient?c. What analysis would be assigned for this patient?4) An aged accommodating has aloof been accepted to the Emergency Department with affection of abashing and beef tremors. When demography his history, it is appear he had been absolved from the hospital 2 canicule ago. He has been on IV analysis for a abdomen virus, but could not accumulate bottomward fluids afterwards he was discharged.a. What electrolyte alterity do you doubtable for this patient?b. What alternative signs and affection ability you charge to appraise for?c. What blazon of analysis would be adapted for this patient?5) Develop one affliction plan for anniversary case abstraction from above. It should accommodate a NANDA nursing diagnosis, one goal, and at atomic four nursing interventions. Nursing interventions are not doctor’s orders.

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