Case Project 4 IT Security for FLOVODOH

 Case Project 4: Read the afterward Case Abstraction beneath and acknowledgment the questions beneath the study. Basically there are three types of televisions today. A basal TV uses the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) agreement for accepting the cable signal, but the TV itself is almost "dumb." A media centermost TV has the basal apparatus of a computer: processor, memory, adamantine disk, and some blazon of operating system. These TVs accommodate active or wireless home arrangement admission forth with USB ports and anamnesis agenda readers. They additionally may abutment alternative TCP/IP protocols like DHCP, HTTP, and FTP to accept media agreeable or firmware upgrades. At the top end of the TV calibration are the newer acute TVs. These Internet-enabled accessories are absolutely specialized computers active a adaptation of Linux or Windows with Internet connectivity and a web browser to cream the Web. Users can alike download and install apps or widgets and comedy multi-user amateur in absolute time with alternative users about the world. Reports by aegis advisers now appearance how accessible these TVs can be. A set of down testing accoutrement was acclimated to analysis altered TVs from altered vendors. What they begin was that anniversary of these TVs bootless assorted tests and was accessible to a array of attacks, such as a abnegation of account (DoS) advance adjoin a media centermost or acute TV to account it to crash. In addition, malware can be installed that turns the TV into a crank that attacks alternative computers and TVs or turns on the cameras and microphones of the absorbed bold players to spy on users. Alternative malware can abduct the acclaim agenda numbers or the passwords acclimated to pay and admission on-demand alive casework that are stored on the TVs. And this malware can calmly be transported to alternative computers through the home arrangement or by tricking the user through amusing engineering to admit a USB beam drive into the TV, which is again agitated to alternative devices. What do you think? Who should be amenable for attention acute TVs? The chump or the vendor? Should the bell-ringer accelerate out approved application updates for aegis purposes? What if vendors were to allegation for this feature? Should users be accustomed the advantage to pay? Or should all vendors be appropriate to accumulate these TVs protected?

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