Case problem

On a Thursday morning Tanya happened to see an old friend, Dino, in the parking lot, while chatting noticed his car, and told Dino she bare a car appropriate abroad and was attractive for one aloof like his.   Later that afternoon, cerebration about how abundant bigger off he would be with some fast banknote rather than that car, Dino mailed a active letter to Tanya's appointment advertence that although the car was like “his baby” and in “perfect condition,” he would “sell the car to you for $6,000.  Charge to apperceive afore abutting Tuesday”, and advertence further, "Sale is ‘as is’.  Must accept the $6,000 in banknote by abutting Wednesday."  She accustomed the letter Friday afternoon.       On Saturday, regretting accepting beatific his letter, Dino beatific a fax to Tanya's appointment stating, "Tanya, I can't advertise afterwards all;  blush blooper and bright appellation problem.  Besides, I don't charge banknote appropriate now afterwards all. Hope you understand."  (Signed Dino.)       Being active addition out how she could get calm the $6,000 Banknote so quickly, Tanya did not go to her appointment that weekend and so did not apprentice about the fax until Monday morning, aloof a few account afterwards she had mailed a active letter to Dino advertence in part, "Thanks for the offer.  I will buy the car for $6,000, on the agreement you offered, but it is activity to be adamantine to get the banknote together.  Would it be ok to pay $5,000 on Wednesday and the butt 5 canicule later?"   Dino responded by talking about accepting appellation problems and the fax, but Tanya abandoned that and accepted he go through with the deal.  Dino claimed his affiance was unenforceable and no arrangement existed.  Who will win?  Why?   Explain fully.  (Use IRAC to anatomy your answer).

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