This case abstraction will advice you convenance allegory a accommodating record, which will abetment you in advancing for the final project.

This case will focus accurately on musculoskeletal and integumentary biologic treatment.

Prompt: Consider the afterward scenario: Ms. Craft, age 59, was brought by ambulance to the emergency allowance because she anticipation she was dying. She had adversity breathing, was addled if she attempted to sit up, and acquainted a faculty of approaching doom. Ms. Craft affected that she was accepting a affection attack, and so did the acceptance emergency allowance personnel.

But the case was added complicated. Physical assay showed Ms. Craft to accept weakness, malaise, balmy skin, and hypotension. Ms. Craft said she acquainted nauseous. A claret glucose amount was absolutely high. Cardiac markers did not appearance that she was accepting a affection attack, nor did an EKG. When her history was taken, Ms. Craft said she had not apparent a doctor in several years and was blind that she had diabetes.

Her respirations were abysmal and rapid—Kussmaul respirations.

In this case, the ER physician diagnosed decompensated diabetes mellitus with metabolic acidosis. These were the medications prescribed:

· Oxygen by mask

· Hypertonic IV fluids

· Insulin orally

· Hydrochloric acerbic band-aid via IV

In a abbreviate paper, the following critical elements must be addressed:

· Identify the incorrect medication/drug classification/treatment and explain why it is incorrect.

· What drug classification would you use instead? Why?

· Provide an archetype of a generic medication from anniversary biologic classification. How would anniversary of the medications/treatments in the book act on the patient's body?

Support your acknowledgment with accordant resources.

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