Case Examples Based on Theory

In this assignment, you will administer sociological approach to a accepted or actual accident or issue. Choose a accepted or actual accident (you may acquisition this in a bi-weekly or annual annual story) or affair (homelessness, immigration, civic security, poverty, education, women's rights, racism, etc.) that can be advisedly explored through the appliance of sociological approach and research. Once you accept called an accident or issue, anticipate about the theories that ability administer to it. For example, you ability accede some of the following: symbolic interactionism structural functionalism conflict theory You may accept one approach or several. Once you accept called your accident or affair and your approach or theories, address an addition presenting the apriorism of your paper. That is, briefly acquaint your accident or affair and acquaint how the theories advice explain it. Define your theories: Briefly altercate their origins and originator, if possible. Give one or two examples of how approach can be activated to the accident or issue. Does a approach advice to explain why the accident occurred or why the affair has acquired prominence? Does a approach advice to explain how to boldness a battle that is occurring? Does a approach accommodate actual angle on the accident or issue? Explain your answers and abutment your opinions by citation passages in the advance readings (or alfresco readings) that explain how the theories appointment and can be applied. Write a cessation admiration what will arise abutting based on the theories, or answer how the theories annual for what did arise abutting (for a actual event). If neither of these fits with your topic, address a cessation that ties calm the appliance of approach to the absolute apple by discussing how the theories you chose ability be acclimated to accept alternative contest or issues. Your appointment should not beat 5 pages, and should be double-spaced, with your name and the advance area cardinal in the folio footer. A one-paragraph abstruse should arise at the alpha of the cardboard that outlines its affair and above points. Your cardboard will be graded based on both the admeasurement to which it draws on theories and concepts discussed in the course and the admeasurement to which it does so with bright autograph and adapted documentation

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