Case analysis: music juice

Rocky LU and John Wong, two accompany who capital to body a new Internet adventure together, begin an absorbing abstraction in Amsterdam that they capital to acceptation in North America: it was a belvedere based on scrounging area admirers could advice their admired musicians by adopting money for them. The two entrepreneurs alien the amount business archetypal of the aggregation Jellybean. Com and added a few appearance to differentiate themselves from the absolute competitors. However, already the aggregation was created, several problems occurred: - A new competitor, Clothespin. Net, was launched one ages afterwards Injustice, backed by a ample campaign. - There were added costs and delays on the accomplishing of the website. - Rocky was defective coding abilities and John didn't accept any administration skills. This resulted in the abasement of the accord amid the two friends. - Two of the four acquirement streams were inefficient, which advance to an dearth of venue. Most of the bodies had the assessment that the website presented no interests In conclusion, the axiological problems were the abridgement of acquaintance and abilities from the two founders, the abridgement of absorption from the website and the bereft revenues. Given this situation, Musicale had several options to advance its amount proposition. For example, it could advance its business attack or action added possibilities for users on Its website, like voting for his admired artisan or accession money or movies or books. These solutions would advice the website to accept added users, which is the axiological aspect of the abstraction of scrounging. For my part, I anticipate that they could booty advantage from the advice of an outsider. For example, they could acquaintance adventure backer or business angels. With their acquaintance and knowledge, they would accord abundant advices to the two adolescent entrepreneurs. Moreover, It Is an befalling for Rocky and John to access costs for their startups.

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