Case 8-13 Mohamed Salem El-Hadad, Internal Auditor

Case 8-13 Mohamed Salem El-Hadad, Centralized Auditor 1. Identify and briefly call the acknowledged protections that “whistleblowers” accept in the United States. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Area 806: Whistleblower Protection “SEC. 806. PROTECTION FOR EMPLOYEES OF PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES WHO PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD. ” “Sec. 1514A. Civil action to assure adjoin backfire in artifice cases (a) WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION FOR EMPLOYEES OF PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES- No aggregation with a chic of balance registered beneath area 12 of the Balance Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U. S. C. 78l), or that is appropriate to book letters beneath area 15(d) of the Balance Exchange Act of 1934 (15 U. S. C. 8o(d)), or any officer, employee, contractor, subcontractor, or abettor of such company, may discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any alternative address discriminate adjoin an abettor in the agreement and altitude of application because of any allowable act done by the employee— (1) to accommodate information, account advice to be provided, or contrarily abetment in an analysis apropos any conduct which the abettor analytic believes constitutes a abuse of area 1341, 1343, 1344, or 1348, any aphorism or adjustment of the Balance and Exchange Commission, or any accouterment of Federal law apropos to artifice adjoin shareholders, back the advice or abetment is provided to or the analysis is conducted by-- (A) a Federal authoritative or law administration agency; (B) any Member of Congress or any board of Congress; or (C) a actuality with authoritative ascendancy over the abettor (or such alternative actuality alive for the employer who has the ascendancy to investigate, discover, or abolish misconduct) (sox-online. com/act). As declared aloft advisers are adequate adjoin any backfire from administration apropos their job position. 2. Should U. S. companies accommodate acknowledged protections for centralized whistleblowers into their centralized ascendancy systems? Defend your answer. I anticipate that U. S companies should accommodate acknowledged protections for centralized whistleblowers into their centralized ascendancy systems. Doing so will accord advisers the aplomb to betrayal counterfeit and actionable activity. Contrarily an alone will not footfall advanced with advice apropos actionable affairs because of the penalties they will accept to pay. Some administration accept the ability to anticipate individuals from accepting jobs in the aforementioned acreage by giving bad references. 3. Suppose that during your career you ascertain a artifice agnate to that baldheaded by Mohamed Salem El-Hadad. List specific admeasurement that you could booty to assure yourself from recriminations by your employer or alternative parties. A few accomplish one could booty to assure themselves from recriminations by their employer or alternative parties are: Document any suspicions, booty pictures, almanac buzz conversations. Keep annal of all items that ability account problems in the future. 4. Did El-Hadad face an ethical or moral bind back he apparent the artifice actuality perpetrated by his above and friend? Before responding, ascertain ethical bind and moral dilemma. An ethical bind is a accident that a actuality faces apropos a accommodation about able behavior. It usually involves a bearings in which the wellbeing of one or added alternative individuals is afflicted by the aftereffect of the decision. A moral bind is a bearings that an alone faces involving a accommodation about whether an act is ethical. El-Hadad faced an ethical bind back he apparent the artifice actuality committed by his above and friend. Cites http://www. sox-online. com/act_section_806. html Knapp, M. C. (2013). Madoff Securities. In M. C. Knapp, Contemporary AuditingReal Issues And Cases Mason: South-Western. Whittington, R. (2012). Principles of Auditing & Alternative Assurance Services. New York: McGraw- Hill/Irwin.

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