Case 2 The Movie Theater Releases

  Have to acknowledgment the questions application the excel abstracts file. I'm adhering excel abstracts file(Data - Case - Week - 1 ====Question    The cine industry is a aggressive business. More than 50 studios aftermath hundreds of new movies for amphitheater absolution anniversary year, and the banking success of anniversary cine varies considerably. The aperture weekend gross sales ($ millions), the absolute gross sales ($ millions), the cardinal of theaters the cine was apparent in, and the cardinal of weeks the cine was in absolution are accepted variables acclimated to admeasurement the success of a movie. Abstracts on the top 100 grossing movies appear in 2016 (Box Office Mojo website) are independent in the book Movies2016. Use abstracts as posted. Managerial Report Use the after methods of anecdotic statistics to apprentice how these variables accord to the success of a movie. Include the afterward in your report: 1. Anecdotic statistics for anniversary of the four variables forth with a altercation of what the anecdotic statistics acquaint us about the cine industry. 2. What movies, if any, should be advised high-performance outliers? Explain. 3. Anecdotic statistics assuming the accord amid absolute gross sales and anniversary of the alternative variables.

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