Case 1 535

  Business Intelligence Overview There are several sources for this module's case. Three to alpha with are: Kahn, K. B., & Adams, M. E. (2000-2001). Sales forecasting as a ability administration process. The Journal of Business Forecasting, Winter. Herschel, R.T. (2005). Workshop on ability administration and authoritative memories. Kobielus, J. (2010). Social business intelligence: the ability administration connection. Insurance Networking News. You should additionally be able to use actual from the Background Readings or accompanying alternative abstracts you acquisition yourself (be abiding to advertence appropriately whatever specific sources you draw on). Assignment When you've apprehend through the articles, address a 4- to 5-page cardboard discussing this topic: Distinguish the abstraction of "business intelligence" from "sales forecasting" or "knowledge management" or "market research" or, for that matter, "common faculty in business."

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