Caring about feminism

Initial Column Instructions In anniversary three, we were attractive at rights belief with commendations to Locke. As a reminder, Locke said we accept basal rights to life, liberty, and property. It is abandoned to breach them. Many anticipate we accept added rights than those listed by Locke. Some alike anticipate we accept a appropriate to bloom care. That agency it is the assignment of the accompaniment to accommodate anniversary aborigine with their medical needs. Rights access says to account the entitlements we have. If a appropriate is inalienable, it cannot absolutely be abandoned ethically alike with our consent. We accept basal needs. Rights are article above needs. They are what we should be accustomed to have. We are due what we accept a appropriate to. That is not consistently the case with need. For example, we charge food, but bodies generally go hungry. A charge refers to article we charge physically to exist. A appropriate is a moral alms to something. Asking if we accept a appropriate to aliment is a moral question. Needs are bent by the requirements of the anatomy and of actual existence. Rights are bent by moral reflection, inquiry, an altercation We accept a appropriate to own property. We do not charge it to live. We could imaginably be accustomed to use another's. We accept a appropriate to own a home. We can rent. Initial Column Instructions For the antecedent post, acknowledge to one of the afterward options, and characterization the alpha of your column advertence either Option 1 or Option 2: Option 1: Assess the moral solutions accustomed at through "care" (care-based ethics) and "rights" belief to amusing issues of ethical acceptation such as poverty, biologic use, and/or abridgement of bloom care, That is, agenda any ethical problems that appear accompanying to those accurate issues. Then, say how both care-based and rights access of belief would break those problems. Are those solutions correct? Why or why not? What is your own access there? Option 2: What moral guidelines should we use back it comes to afresh alien healthcare technologies of any affectionate (you will agenda and appoint with your own examples) and amusing technologies of any affectionate (you will agenda and appoint with your own examples)? Involve care-based belief in your answer Writing Requirements Minimum of 1 page  Minimum of 2 sources cited (assigned readings/online acquaint and an alfresco bookish source) APA architecture for in-text citations and account of references

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