Caregiver Role Strain: Ms. Sandra A.

Read the afterward case abstraction and acknowledgment the cogitating questions. Please accommodate rationales for your answers. Make abiding to accommodate citations/references for your answers in APA format. CASE STUDY: Caregiver Role Strain: Ms. Sandra A.  Sandra, a 47-year-old afar woman, accustomed a analysis of date 3 ovarian blight 4 years ago, for which she had a absolute hysterectomy, mutual salpingo- oophorectomy, omentectomy, lymphadenectomy, and bump debulking followed by chemotherapy, consisting of cisplatin (Platinol), paclitaxel (Taxol), and doxorubicin (Adriamycin). She did able-bodied for 2 years and again confused aback to her hometown abreast her ancestors and underwent three added circuit of secondline chemotherapy. She accustomed a beneath demanding job, bought a house, renewed old friendships, and became added complex with her two sisters and their families. Sandra developed several complications, including alteration to the lungs. Again she could no best work, drive, or affliction for herself. She had been told by her oncologist that there was annihilation abroad that could be done and that she should accede entering a hospice. She met her advocate and able an beforehand charge and completed her will. She absitively to accept auberge affliction at home and, with the advice of her family, set up her aboriginal attic as a active and sleeping area. She was cared for by ancestors associates about the alarm for about 3 days. Sandra empiric that she was backbreaking anybody out so abundant that they could not absolutely adore anniversary other’s company. At this time, she contacted the Visiting Assistant Association (VNA) to seek assistance. Her plan was to try to adore her ancestors and friend’s visits. After assessment, the VNA assistant prioritized her problems to accommodate fatigue and caregiver role strain. Other abeyant botheration areas that may charge to be congenital into the affliction plan accommodate advanced afflicted and broken comfort.  Reflective Questions  1. What are some of the stresses on Sandra’s middle-aged sisters and their families?  2. What assets are accessible to administer these stresses and abutment the sisters while caring for their dying sister Sandra?  3. Describe Sandra’s animosity about annex and accident of freedom because she is clumsy to do her own activities of circadian active any longer

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