Care of a patient with HIV

Each apprentice charge column a altercation with a minimum of 250 words, all posts and replies charge accommodate at atomic (2) able references, one may be the advance textbook, appropriately cited in the accepted APA format. Altercation Topic Care of a accommodating with HIV Kathy Michaels, a 37-year-old female, is talking with her gynecologist about apropos of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). She asks to be activated for STDs. Later, the assistant calls to altercate the after-effects with Ms. Michaels, which indicates she is absolute for HIV. Ms. Michaels states, "Oh no, I accept AIDS!"  1. How should the assistant acknowledge to Ms. Michaels' statement? "Ms. Michaels seems adequate with the account and states "I am so animated it's not AIDS. It's aloof like an infection." She again asks the nurse, "Can I booty some antibiotics to annihilate the infection, then? 2. How should the assistant acknowledge to Ms. Michaels' question? Again, Ms. Michaels indicates an compassionate of the nurse's explanation. She again asks "Does this virus aloof abide the aforementioned in my anatomy and annihilation will happen, or will I be accepting sick?" 3.  How should the assistant acknowledge to Ms. Michaels' question?

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