Cardiovascular Case Study

PJ is a sixty-seven-year-old man with a continued history of abiding angina. He is advised with nitroglycerin tablets as bare for chest pain. He has balmy hypertension, which is able-bodied controlled by diet and an angiotensin-converting agitator (ACE) inhibitor. PJ has noticed that his chest affliction is occurring with accretion abundance and beneath action is appropriate to admit the symptoms; however, the affliction subsides bound with blow and one or two nitroglycerin tablets.

PJ’s affection are constant with what diagnosis? What apprenticeship would you accommodate to PJ?

One morning, at about 4:00 a.m., PJ is alive from beddy-bye with chest affliction and conciseness of breath. The affliction is abundant added astringent than his accepted anginal affliction and radiates to the jaw and the larboard arm. He is diaphoretic and pale. His wife calls for emergency assistance, and PJ is transported to the bounded emergency department. Upon admission, the electrocardiogram (ECG) shows cogent ST-segment elevation.

According to the ECG findings, what is the cogwheel diagnosis? At the time of admission, a claret sample is taken to actuate whether PJ has suffered an MI. Which class allegation would announce MI? Describe the pathophysiological responses occurring in the anatomy during an MI.

>>>Note: Use abreast bibliography from pathophysiology books no after than 5 years<<<

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