Capstone Research Project

Capstone Assay Project Building off the assay botheration articular in Week One, acceptance will architecture a assay proposal. The assay angle will be based on the botheration articular at a human/social account organization. The alignment called can be one in which the apprentice is currently employed, or area they intend to seek employment. The assay angle activity reflects the measures appropriate in appointment proposals to a grant-awarding agency. Examples of grant-awarding agencies include: Corporation for National and Community Service, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, Housing and Community Facilities Programs, Homeland Security, Special Delinquency Prevention Program, and Centers for Disease Control Prevention. This assay angle will crave the apprentice to: Select a affairs to develop, evaluate, or adapt and abridge a angle that would be acclimated for admission funding. Understand qualitative, quantitative, and alloyed methods, and be able to analyze new programs and programs in charge of modification for assay architecture strengths and weaknesses. Identify the inherent differences amid quantitative and qualitative evaluations and appearance adequacy in abstracts accumulating and assay methods for anniversary methodology. Writing the Assay Paper The Assay Paper: Must be double-spaced and formatted according to the accustomed APA appearance guide. Must accommodate an APA appearance awning page. Must accommodate an anterior branch with a blunt apriorism statement. Must abode the affair of the cardboard with analytical thought. Must achieve with a digest of the apriorism and a cessation paragraph. Must use APA appearance as categorical in the accustomed APA appearance adviser to certificate all sources. Must accommodate a advertence folio that is completed according to the accustomed APA appearance guide. Resources Required Reference Leedy, P.D. & Ormrod, J.E. (2016). Practical research: Planning and architecture (11th ed.). Retrieved from Chapter 5: Writing the Assay Proposal

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