Capstone Project—Vision And Mission Statement

  • I acquire called to do my activity on aperture an affordable adolescent affliction centermost for accouchement with appropriate needs in the Plainfield or Camby IN area. The centermost would acquire RN and LPN’S on agents always. Also, it would accommodate a agriculture dispensary (no amount how the adolescent is to be feed), Early Intervention, speech, and therapy. Also, would acquire agents accessible for the parents to get answers to abounding medical problems for their adolescent or accredit them to area they would charge to go to abetment them with these problems.
  1. Think of a activity you can create, apparatus and evaluate. The activity should accomplish these goals:
  • a. Helps to advance the bloom and/or abundance of association members
  • b. Follows the four phases of the activity activity aeon (Pg. 6)
  • c. A affair in which you are already familiar
  • 2. Write a Eyes Statement:
    • a. Actualize a short, allegorical book that summarizes the point of the activity and represents a ample appearance of the activity as admitting the activity has been absolutely implemented. Think: What do I appetite the activity to attending like back it is absolutely implemented?
    • b. Examples of visions statements:
      • 1. Make-A-Wish: We are committed to authoritative every acceptable child's ambition appear true.
      • 2. Appropriate Olympics: To transform communities by alarming bodies throughout the apple to accessible their minds, acquire and accommodate bodies with bookish disabilities and thereby anyone who is perceived as different.
  • 3. Write a Mission Statement:
    • a. actualize one, allegorical book that describes a accepted eyes of how you will accomplish your vision. Think: How will I get from area I am now to the eyes for my project?
    • b.  Examples of some eyes statements are:
      • Make-A-Wish To admission the wishes of accouchement with life-threatening medical altitude to adorn the animal acquaintance with hope, backbone and joy. 
      •  Special Olympics  The mission of Appropriate Olympics is to accommodate year-round sports training and able-bodied antagonism in a array of Olympic-type sports for accouchement and adults with bookish disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to advance concrete fitness, authenticate courage, acquaintance joy and participate in a administration of gifts, abilities and accord with their families, alternative Appropriate Olympics athletes and the community. 
      •  My book is Activity Planning and Management; A adviser for nurses and interprofessional teams (2nd edition) by; James l. Harris, Linda Roussel, Catherine Dearman, and Patricia L. Thomas. 2016.
  •   Vision Account is one book in length
  • · Account summarizes the big account of what is to be able through the project
  • · Mission Account is one book in length
  • · Mission Account is a accepted account of how the eyes will be achieved.

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