Capstone Project Part IV: The Technicals: Developing Strategic Goals

  The aftermost aspect of the cardinal plan consists of amalgam the technicals. The technicals aspect includes items such as developing cardinal goals, strategies, arch indicators of success, and achievement targets. The abstruse elements represent the executable allotment of the cardinal plan. As you activate to advance the abstruse elements, accede the goals accompanying to internationalization and alliances. To prepare: Review Final Project: Developing a Cardinal Plan –Part 2: The Abstruse Elements media in the Weekly Resources. Review the after-effects of your ecology browse and accede cardinal goals that your bureau ability implement. Think about how the alignment ability advantage globalization and alliances in its cardinal goals. By Day 7 The Assignment (2–3 pages): Developing the abstruse elements for your Capstone Project will be a two-part Assignment. The aboriginal allotment will be completed and submitted in Week 7. The additional allotment will be completed and submitted in Week 8. For this Assignment in Week 7: Develop your cardinal goals (at atomic three). The goals charge abode the following: Address issues such as globalization and how those issues ability appulse the cardinal goals of the agency, organization, or community. Identify abeyant alliances. Identify opportunities for alliances with alternative agencies or organizations. State why the alliances are important. Develop strategies for implementing goals. You charge analyze at atomic two strategies for anniversary articular goal. Address issues of accountability. You charge authorize how and who will adviser the beheading of the cardinal plan. Describe how you will abode accountability for anniversary of the following:  Describe how your administration will be captivated answerable for beheading of the cardinal plan. Discuss the afterward aspects of accountability for employee: Identify who will be amenable for active specific aspects of the cardinal plan. Explain how agent accountability will be tracked. Client and stakeholder accountability: Describe the clients’/stakeholders’ roles in accountability. Discuss accomplishments that will be taken to always and actively appoint the clients/stakeholders in ensuring accountability accompanying to active the cardinal plan.

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