CAPS 401 General Education Capstone

Week 3: Accurate and Mathematical/Analytical Perspectives of Analysis Paper Compose a focused cardboard that explains and describes your healthcare issue/topic from the accurate and mathematical/analytical perspectives of inquiry. (You will awning two perspectives in one paper.) Address your accepted affair by basic and answering two levels of analysis questions for anniversary inquiry. Choose a “Level 1 Analysis Question/Writing Prompt” from both of the lists beneath to acknowledgment in the paper. Compose a “Level 2 Analysis Question/Writing Prompt” for anniversary affectionate of analysis that provides detail, specificity, and focus to your inquiry, research, and writing. State your analysis questions in the addition of your paper. Answer anniversary analysis catechism and abutment your assertions with affirmation (research) to anatomy the anatomy of your paper. In the cessation of the paper, briefly analysis the issues, analysis questions, answers, and insights. Level 1 Analysis Questions/Writing Prompts SCIENTIFIC Perspective of Inquiry What are the anatomical, physiological, pathological, or epidemiological issues? Which anatomy systems are affected? What happens at the cellular or abiogenetic level? Which actinic or biological issues are best important? Level 1 Analysis Questions/Writing Prompts MATHEMATICAL/ANALYTICAL Perspective of Inquiry What are the bread-and-butter issues involved? Which bread-and-butter theories or approaches best explain the issue? What are the statistical facts accompanying to the issue? Which statistical processes acclimated to abstraction the affair accommodate for the best account or understanding? Your cardboard charge be bristles pages in breadth and advertence four to six scholarly, peer-reviewed resources. Be abiding to chase accepted APA Style formatting standards (spacing, font, headers, titles, abstracts, folio numbering, etc.).

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