Capital Structure in a Perfect Market

Questions These questions are the focus of what I am accoutrement on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be afraid by annihilation on the exam. Chapter 14: Basic Anatomy in a Absolute Bazaar 14-5. Suppose Alpha Industries and Omega Technologies accept identical assets that accomplish identical banknote flows. Alpha Industries is an all-equity firm, with 10 actor shares outstanding that barter for a bulk of$22 per share. Omega Technologies has 20 actor shares outstanding as able-bodied as debt of $60 million. 14-5-a. According to MM Proposition I, what is the banal bulk for Omega Technologies? V(alpha) = 10 x 22 = 220m = V(omega) = D + E E = 220 – 60 = 160m p = $8 per share. 14-5-b. Suppose Omega Technologies banal currently trades for $11 per share. What arbitrage befalling is available? What assumptions are all-important to accomplishment this opportunity? Omega is overpriced. Advertise 20 Omega, Buy 10 alpha and borrow 60. Initial = 220 – 220 + 60 = 60. Assumes we can barter shares at accepted prices & Assumes we can borrow at aforementioned agreement as Omega (or own Omega debt and can advertise at aforementioned price). 4-6. Cisoft is a awful assisting technology abutting that currently has $5 billion in cash. The abutting has absitively to use this banknote to repurchase shares from investors, and it has already appear these affairs to investors. Currently, Cisoft is an all disinterestedness abutting with 5 billion shares outstanding. These shares currently barter for $12 per share. Cisoft has issued no alternative antithesis except for banal options to its employees. The accepted bazaar bulk of these options is $8 billion. 14-6-a. What is the bulk of Cisoft’s non-cash assets? Assets = banknote + non-cash, Liabilities = disinterestedness + options. non-cash assets = disinterestedness + options – banknote = 12 ? 5 + 8 – 5 = 63 billion 14-6-b. With absolute basic markets, what is the bazaar bulk of Cisoft’s disinterestedness afterwards allotment repurchase? What is the bulk per share? Disinterestedness = 60 – 5 = 55. Repurchase 5b / 12 = 0. 417b shares = 55 / 4. 583 = $12 4. 583 b shares abide Per allotment bulk MBA 509 These questions are the focus of what I am accoutrement on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be afraid by annihilation on the exam. 4-8. Explain what is amiss with the afterward argument: “If a abutting issues debt that is accident free, because there is no achievability of default, the accident of the firm’s disinterestedness does not change. Therefore, certain debt allows the abutting to get the anniversary of a low bulk of basic of debt afterwards adopting its bulk of basic of equity. ” Any advantage raises the disinterestedness bulk of capital. In fact, certain advantage raises it the best (because it does not allotment any of the risk). 14-12. Hubbard Industries is an all-equity abutting whose shares accept an accepted acknowledgment of 10%. Hubbard does a leveraged recapitalization, arising debt and repurchasing stock, until its debt=equity arrangement is 0. 60. Due to the added risk, shareholders now apprehend a acknowledgment of 13%. Bold there are no taxes and Hubbard’s debt is accident free, what is the absorption bulk on the debt? wacc = ru = 10% = 1 0. 6 x ? 1. 6(10) ? 13 = 3 = 0. 6 x ? x = 5% 13% + 1. 6 1. 6 14-17. Zelnor, Inc. , is an all-equity abutting with 100 actor shares outstanding currently trading for $8. 50 per share. Suppose Zelnor decides to admission a absolute of 10 actor new shares to advisers as allotment of a new advantage plan. The abutting argues that this new advantage plan will actuate advisers and is a bigger action that giving bacon bonuses because it will not bulk the abutting anything. a. If the new advantage plan has no aftereffect on the bulk of Zelnor’s assets, what will the allotment bulk of the new banal be already this plan is implemented? Assets = 850m. New shares = 110 ? bulk = 850 = $7. 73 110 b. What is the bulk of the plan for Zelnor’s investors? Why is arising disinterestedness cher in this case? Bulk = 100(8. 50 ? 7. 73) = 77m = 10(7. 73) Arising disinterestedness at beneath bazaar bulk is costly. MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. Chapter 15: Debt and Taxes 15-1. Pelamed Pharmaceuticals has EBIT of $325 actor in 2006. In addition, Pelamed has absorption costs of $125 actor and a accumulated tax bulk of 40%. a. What is Pelamed’s 2006 net income? Net Assets = EBIT – Absorption – Taxes = (325 – 125) x (1-0. 40) - $120 actor b. What is the absolute of Pelamed’s 2006 net assets and absorption payment? Net Assets + Absorption = 120 = 125 = $245 actor c. If Pelamed had no absorption expenses, what would its 2006 net assets be? How does it analyze to your acknowledgment in allotment (b)? NetIncome = EBIT ? Taxes = 325 ? (1 ? 0. 40) = $195 actor This is 245 ? 195 = $50 actor lower than allotment (b). d. What is the bulk of Pelamed’sinterest tax absorber in 2006? Absorption tax absorber = 125 ? 40% = $50 actor MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. 15-3. Suppose the accumulated tax bulk is 40%. Consider a abutting that earns$1000 afore absorption and taxes anniversary year with no risk. The firm’s basic expenditures equals its abuse costs anniversary year, and it will accept no change to its net alive capital. The certain absorption bulk is 5%. a. Suppose the abutting has no debt and pays out its net assets as a allotment anniversary year. What is the bulk of the firm’s equity? NetIncome = 1000 ? (1 ? 40%) = $600. Thus, disinterestedness holders accept assets of $600 per year with no risk. 600 E= = $12, 000 5% b. Suppose instead the abutting makes absorption payments of $500 per year. What is the bulk of equity? What is the bulk of debt? 300 = $6000 5% Debt holders accept absorption of $500 per year ? D - $10,000 NetIncome ? (1000 ? 500) ? (1 ? 0. 40) = $300 ? E c. What is the aberration amid the absolute bulk of the abutting with advantage and afterwards leverage? With Advantage = 6,000 + 10,000 = $16,000 Afterwards Levergae = $12,000 Aberration = 16,000 - 12,000 = $4000 d. The aberration in allotment © is according to what allotment of the bulk of the debt? 4, 000 = 40% = accumulated tax bulk 10, 000 MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be afraid by annihilation on the exam. 15-6. Arnell Industries has $10 actor in debt outstanding. The abutting will pay absorption alone on this debt. Arnell’s bordering tax bulk is accepted to be 35% for the accountable future. a. Suppose Arnell pays absorption of 6% per year on its debt. What is the anniversary absorption tax shield? Absorption tax sheild = $10 ? 6% ? 35% = $0. 21 actor b. What is the present bulk of the absorption tax shield, bold its accident is the aforementioned as the loan? PV(Interest tax sheild) = $0. 21 = $3. 5 actor 0. 06. Suppose instead that the absorption bulk on the debt is 5%. What is the present bulk of the absorption tax absorber in this case? Absorption tax sheild = $10 ? 5% ? 35% = $0. 175 actor $0. 175 = $3. 5 actor PV = 0. 05 15-8. Rumolt Motors has 30 actor shares outstanding with a bulk of $15 per share. In addition, Rumolt has issued bonds with a absolute accepted bazaar bulk of 4150 MILLION. Suppose Rumolt’s disinterestedness bulk of basic is 10%, and its debt bulk of basic is 5%. a. What is Rumolt’s pretax abounding bulk of capital? E = $15 ? 30 = $450m D = $150m Pretax WACC = 450 150 10% + 5% = 8. 75% 600 600. If Rumolt’s accumulated bulk is 35%, what is its after-tax abounding bulk of capital? WACC = 450 150 10% = 5%(1 ? 35%) = 8. 3125% 600 600 MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am accoutrement on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be afraid by annihilation on the exam. 15-12. Milton Industries expects chargeless banknote breeze of $5 actor anniversary year. Milton’s accumulated tax bulk is 35%, and its unlevered bulk of basic is 15%. The abutting additionally has outstanding debt of $19. 05 million, and it expects to advance this akin of debt permanently. What is the bulk of Milton Industries afterwards leverage? VU = 5 = $33. 33 actor 0. 15 b. What is the bulk of Milton Industries with leverage? V L = V U + ? c D = 33. 33 + 0. 35 ? 19. 50 = $40 actor 15-13. Kurz Manufacturing is currently an all-equity abutting with 20 actor shares outstanding and a banal bulk of $7. 50 per share. Although investors currently apprehend Kurz to abide an all-equity firm, Kurz affairs to advertise that it will borrow $50 actor and use the funds to repurchase shares. Kurz will pay absorption alone on this debt, and it has no added affairs to access or abatement the bulk of debt. Kurz is accountable to a 40% accumulated tax rate. a. What is the bazaar bulk of Kurz’s absolute assets afore the announcement? Assets = Disinterestedness = $7. 50 ? 20 = $150 actor b. What is the bazaar bulk of Kurz’s assets (including the tax shield) aloof afterwards the debt is issued, but afore the shares are repurchased? Assests = 150 (existing) + 50 (cash) + 40% ? 50 (tax sheild) = $220 actor c. What is Kurz’s allotment bulk aloof afore the allotment repurchase? How abounding Shres will Kurz repurchase? E = Assets ? Debt = 220 ? 50 = $170 actor $170m = $8. 50 Allotment Bulk = 20 50 = 5. 882 actor shares Kurz will repurchase 8. 50 d. What are Kurz’s bazaar bulk antithesis area and allotment bulk afterwards the allotment repurchase? Assets ? 150(existing ) + 40% ? 50(taxsheild ) = $170 actor Debt = $50 actor E = A ? D = 170 ? 50 ? $120 actor $120 = $8. 50 / allotment Allotment bulk = 20 ? 5. 882 MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. 15-15. Suppose the accumulated tax bulk is 40%, and investors pay a tax bulk of 15% on assets from assets or basic assets and a tax bulk of 33. 3% on absorption income. Your abutting decides to add debt so it will pay an added $15 actor in absorption anniversary year. It will pay this absorption bulk by acid its dividend. a. How abundant will debt holders accept afterwards advantageous taxes on the absorption they earn? $15 ? (1 ? 0. 333) = $10 actor anniversary year b. By how abundant will the abutting charge to cut its allotment anniversary year to pay this absorption expense? Accustomed a accumulated tax bulk of 40%, an absorption bulk of $15 actor per year reduces net assets by 15(1-0. 4)=$9 actor afterwards accumulated taxes. c. By how abundant will this cut in the allotment abate disinterestedness holders’ anniversary after-tax income? $9 actor allotment cut ? 9 ? (1 ? 0,15) ? $7. 65 actor per year d. How abundant beneath will the government accept in absolute tax revenues anniversary year? Absorption atxes = 0. 333 ? 15 = $5 actor Beneath accumulated taxes = 0. 40 ? 15 = $6 actor Beneath allotment taxes = 0. 15 ? 9 = $1. 35 actor [note: this equals (a) - (c)] e. What is the able tax advantage of debt ? * ? (1 ? 0. 40)(1 ? 0. 15) ? * = 1? = 23. 5% 1 ? 0. 333 15-16. Markum Enterprises is because assuredly abacus $100 actor of debt to its basic structure. Markum’s accumulated tax bulk is 35%. a. Absent claimed taxes, what is the bulk of the absorption tax absorber from the new debt? PV = ? c D = 35% ? 100 = $35 actor b. If investors pay a tax bulk of 40% on absorption income, and a tax bulk of 20% on assets from assets and basic gains, what is the bulk of the absorption tax absorber from new debt? ? * = 1? (1 ? 0. 35)(1 ? 0. 20) = 13. 33% 1 ? 0. 40 PV = ? C D = 13. 33% ? 100 = $13. 33 actor MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. 15-19. With its accepted leverage, Impi Corporation will accept net assets abutting year of $4. million. If Impi’s accumulated tax bulk is 35% and it pays 8% absorption on its debt, how abundant added debt can Impi affair this year and still accept the anniversary of the absorption tax absorber abutting year? Net assets of $4. 5 actor ? 4. 5 = $6. 923 actor in taxable income. Therefore, Arundel can access its absorption bulk by $6. 923 million, which corresponds to debt of: 6. 923 = $86. 5 actor 0. 08 MBA 509 Chapter 16: Banking Distress, Authoritative Incentives and Information 16-2. Baruk Industries has no banknote and a debt obligation of $36 millionthat is now due. The bazaar bulk of Baruk’s assets is $81 million, and the abutting has no liabilities. Assume a absolute basic market. a. Suppose Baruk has 10 actor shares outstanding. What is Baruk’s accepted allotment price? 81 ? 36 = $4. 5 / allotment 10 b. How abounding new shares charge Baruk affair to accession the basic bare to pay its debt obligation? 36 = 8 actor shares 4. 5 c. Afterwards repaying the debt, what will Baruk’s allotment bulk be? 81 = $4. 5 / allotment 18 16-3. When a abutting defaults on its debt, debt holders about accept beneath than 50% of the bulk they are owed. Is the aberration amid the bulk debt holders are owed and the bulk they accept a bulk of bankruptcy? No. Some of these losses are due to declines in the bulk of the assets that would accept occurred whether or not the abutting defaulted. Alone the incremental losses that appear from the defalcation action are defalcation costs. 16-4. Which blazon of abutting is added acceptable to acquaintance a accident of barter in the accident of banking distress: a. Campbell Soup Company or Intuit, Inc.? Intuit Inc. its barter will affliction about their adeptness to accept upgrades to their software. b. Allstate Corporation or Reebok International? Allstate Corporation – its barter await on the abutting actuality able to pay approaching claims. These questions are the focus of what I am accoutrement on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be afraid by annihilation on the exam. 16-5. Which blazon of assets is added acceptable to be asleep for abutting to its abounding bazaar bulk in the accident of banking distress? a. An appointment architecture or a cast name? Office building—there are abounding alternating users who would be acceptable to bulk the acreage similarly. b. Product anniversary or raw materials? Raw materials—they are easier to reuse. c. Patent appropriate of engineering “know-how”? Patent rights—they would be easier to advertise to addition firm. 16-9. Marpor Industries has no debt and expects to accomplish chargeless banknote flows of $16 actor anniversary year. Marpor believes that if it assuredly increases its akin of debt to $40 million, the accident of banking ache may anniversary it to lose some barter and accept beneath favorable agreement from its suppliers. As a result, Marpor’s chargeless banknote flows with debt will be alone $15 actor per year. Suppose Marpor’s tax bulk is 35%, the certain bulk is 5%, the accepted acknowledgment of the bazaar is 15%, and the beta of Marpor’s chargeless banknote flows is 1. 1. (with or afterwards leverage). a. Estimate Marpor’s bulk afterwards advantage r = 5% + 1. 1? (15% ? 5%) = 16% 16 V= = $100 actor 0. 16 b. Estimate Marpor’s bulk with the new leverage. r = 5% + 1. 1? (15% ? 5%) = 16% 15 V= + 0. 35 ? 40 = $107. 75 actor 0. 16 MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. 16-10. Absolute Acreage Purchases are about financed with at atomic 80% debt. Best corporations, however, accept beneath that 50% debt financing. Provide an anniversary for this aberration application the accommodation theory. According to tradeoff theory, tax absorber adds bulk while banking ache costs abate a firm’s value. The banking ache costs for a absolute acreage advance are acceptable to be low, because the acreage can about be calmly resold for its abounding bazaar value. In contrast, corporations about face abundant college costs of banking distress. As a result, corporations accept to accept lower leverage. 16-11. Dynron Corporation’s primary business is accustomed gas busline application its all-inclusive gas activity network. Dynron’s assets currently accept a bazaar bulk of $150 million. The abutting is exploring the achievability of adopting $50 actor by affairs allotment of its activity arrangement and advance the $50 actor in a fiber-optic arrangement to accomplish revenues by affairs accelerated arrangement bandwidth. While this new advance is accepted to access profits, it will additionally essentially access Dynron’s risk. If Dynron is levered, would this advance be added or beneath adorable to disinterestedness holders than if Dynron had no debt? If Dynron has no debt or if in all scenarios Dynron can pay the debt in full, disinterestedness holders will alone accede the project’s NPV in authoritative the decision. If Dynron is heavily leveraged, disinterestedness holders will additionally accretion from the added accident of the new investment. 16-18. Which of the afterward industries accept low optimal debt levels according to the tradeoff theory? Which accept aerial optimal levels of debt? a. Tobacco firms aerial optimal debt level—high chargeless banknote flow, low advance opportunities Accounting firms low optimal debt level—high ache costs Mature restaurant chains aerial optimal debt level—stable banknote flows, low growth, low ache costs Lumber companies aerial optimal debt level—stable banknote flows, low growth, low ache costs Cell buzz manufacturers low optimal debt level—high advance opportunities, aerial ache costs b. c. d. e. MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. 6-19. According to the authoritative barricade theory, managers accept basic structures so as to bottle their ascendancy of the firm. On the one hand, debt is cher for managers because they accident accident ascendancy in the accident of default. On the alternative hand, if they do not booty advantage of the tax absorber provided by debt, they accident accident ascendancy through a adverse takeover. Suppose a abutting expects to accomplish chargeless banknote flows of $90 actor per year, and the abatement bulk for these banknote flows is 10%. The abutting pays a tax bulk of 40%. A brigand is assertive to booty over the abutting and accounts it with $750 Actor in abiding debt. The brigand will accomplish the aforementioned chargeless banknote flows, and the takeover attack will be acknowledged if the brigand can action a exceptional of 20% over the accepted bulk of the firm. What akin of abiding debt will the abutting choose, according to the authoritative barricade hypothesis? 90 = $900 0. 10 Levered Bulk w/ Brigand = 900 + 40%(750) = $1. 2 billion To anticipate acknowledged raid,l accepted managment charge accept a levered bulk of at atomic $1. 2 billion = $1 billion 1. 20 Thus, the minimum tax sheild is $1 billion - 900 actor = $100 million, 100 which requires = $250 actor in debt 0. 40 Unlevered Bulk = MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. Chapter 17: Payout Policy 17-6. The HNH Corporation will pay a connected allotment of $2 per share, per year, in perpetuity. Assume all investors pay a 20% tax on assets and that there is no basic assets tax. The bulk of basic for advance in HNH banal is 12%. a. What is the bulk of a allotment of HNH stock? P=$1. 60/0. 12=$13. 33 b. Assume that administration accomplish a abruptness advertisement that HNH will no best pay assets but will use the banknote to repurchase stocks instead. What is the bulk of a allotment of HNH banal now? P=$2/0. 12=$16. 67 17-7. What was the able allotment tax bulk for a U. S. broker in the accomplished tax bracket who planned to authority a banal for one year in 1981? How did the able allotment tax bulk change in 1982 back the Reagan tax cuts took effect? (Ignore State taxes. ) 58. 33% in 1981 and 37. 5% in 1982. 17-10. At accepted tax rates, which investors are best acceptable to authority a banal that has a aerial allotment yield? a. Alone Investors b. Pension Funds c. Mutual Funds d. Corporations 17-11. A banal that you apperceive is captivated by abiding alone investors paid a ample ancient dividend. You apprehension that the bulk alone on the ex-dividend date is about the admeasurement of the allotment payment. You acquisition this accord abstruse accustomed the tax disadvantage of dividends. Explain how the dividends-capture approach ability anniversary for this behavior. Allotment abduction approach states that investors with aerial able allotment tax ante advertise to investors with low able allotment tax ante aloof afore the allotment payment. The bulk bead accordingly reflects the tax bulk of the low able allotment tax bulk individuals. MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. 17-16. Explain beneath which altitude an access in the allotment acquittal can be interpreted as a arresting of: a. Acceptable account By accretion assets managers arresting that they accept that approaching antithesis will be aerial abundant to advance the new allotment payment. b. Bad account Adopting assets signals that the abutting does not accept any absolute NPV advance opportunities, which is bad news. 17-17. Why is an advertisement of a allotment repurchase advised a absolute signal? By allotment to do a allotment repurchase administration credibly signals that they accept the banal is undervalued. 17-20. Explain why best companies accept to pay banal assets (split their stock). Companies use banal splits to accumulate their banal prices in a ambit that reduces broker transaction costs 17-21. Back ability it be advantageous to undertake a about-face banal split? To abstain actuality delisted from an barter because the bulk of the banal has collapsed beneath the minimum appropriate to break listed. 17-22. Afterwards the bazaar abutting on May 11, 2001, Adaptec, Inc. , broadcast a allotment of shares of he banal of its software division, Roxio, Inc. Each, Adaptec actor accustomed 0. 1646 allotment of Roxio banal per allotment of Adaptec banal owned. At the time Adaptec banal was trading at a bulk of $10. 55 per allotment (cum-dividend), and Roxie’s allotment bulk was $14. 25 per share. In a absolute market, what would Adaptec’s ex-dividend allotment bulk be afterwards this transaction? The bulk of the allotment paid per Adaptec allotment was (0. 1646 shares of Roxio) ? ($14. 23 per allotment of Roxio) = $2. 34 per share. Therefore, blank tax furnishings or alternative account that ability appear out, we would apprehend Adaptec’s banal bulk to abatement to $10. 5 – 2. 34 = $8. 21 per allotment already it goes ex-dividend. (Note: In fact, Adaptec banal opened on Monday May 14, 2001 – the abutting trading day – at a bulk of $8. 45 per share. ) MBA 509 Recommended Chapter Questions These questions are the focus of what I am covering on the final exam. Understand the answers to these questions and should not be surprised by anything on the exam. Explain the abiding (3 to 5 years) about banal achievement of companies that accept i) issued a acclimatized disinterestedness alms ii) breach their stocks Why would a banal breach be a arresting for acceptable news? What is meant by “leaving money on the table,” back arising an IPO? Why ability arising administration be agreeable to leave a lot of money on the table? Can you atom the aeon of a banal bazaar balloon in the table below? (Hint: attending for an oval! ) In retrospect, do you anticipate it is a acceptable abiding advance to acquirement stocks area there has been huge amounts of money larboard on the table? Table 1 Summary Statistics for 6,312 IPOs with Action Bulk ? $5. 00 Mean First-day Acknowledgment 7% 15% 65% 12% 19% Average, 2001 Dollars Money Larboard on the Table Gross Proceeds $2. actor $10 actor $82 actor $29 actor $17 actor $42 actor $72 actor $161 actor $397 actor $81 actor Aeon 1980-1989 1990-1998 1999-2000 2001-2002 1980-2002 Describe how advance banks admeasure IPO shares application the “bookbuilding” method. Are IPOs, as a accumulation and over time, acceptable abiding investments in agreement of boilerplate anniversary returns? Describe how IPOs are like Lotto tickets. (Low accepted returns, but with almost low anticipation of acutely ample gains—buying into Microsoft, Intel, etc) Hint: this is the answer. According to MM Proposition I, with absolute basic markets the bulk of a abutting is  absolute of its basic structure. a. With absolute basic markets, bootleg advantage is a absolute acting for firm  leverage. If contrarily identical firms with altered basic structures accept altered values,  the Law of One Bulk would be abandoned and an arbitrage befalling would  exist. 5. The bazaar bulk antithesis area shows that the absolute bazaar bulk of a firm’s assets  equals the absolute bazaar bulk of the firm’s liabilities, including all securi ties issued to  investors. Changing the basic anatomy accordingly alters how the bulk of the assets is  disconnected beyond securities, but not the firm’s absolute value. A abutting can change its basic anatomy at any time by arising new antithesis and using  the funds to pay its absolute investors. An archetype is a leveraged recapitalization in  which the abutting borrows money (issues debt) and repurchases shares (or pays a  dividend). MM Proposition I implies that such affairs will not change the share  price. 7. According to MM Proposition II, the bulk of basic for levered disinterestedness is    8. Debt is beneath chancy than equity, so it has a lower bulk of capital. Leverage increases the risk  of equity, however, adopting the disinterestedness bulk of capital. The anniversary of debt’s lower bulk of  basic is account by the college disinterestedness bulk of capital, abrogation a firm’s abounding average  bulk of basic (WACC) banausic with absolute basic markets: The bazaar accident of a firm’s assets can be estimated by its unlevered beta: 10. Advantage increases the beta of a firm’s equity: 11. A firm’s net debt is according to its debt beneath its backing of banknote and alternative risk? free  securities. We can compute the bulk of basic and the beta of the firm’s bus

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