Capital Planning

Assume that you activated for a position in UPC’s centralized analysis  department afterwards 5 years in the accounts department. As a chief centralized  auditor, one of your assignments is to architecture and apparatus controls  over basic budgets and analysis ascendancy effectiveness. Your aggregation is  required by the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) to abode actual  weaknesses in centralized controls. You created the absorbed spreadsheet to verify the advance amount acclimated  in artful amount of capital. You articular abounding inconsistencies with  the abstracts acclimated by the accounts department. The discrepancies led to a  higher amount of basic for the barter backup project. Therefore, UPC  decided to charter trucks instead. Further, you are acquainted that the  finance administrator is the one who approves basic projects and makes  procurement and leasing decisions. The accounts administrator owns a barter  leasing company, and proposals accept been accustomed from his leasing  company. You accept been instructed to acknowledge to the afterward tasks: Identify and explain 5 or added analysis objectives for UPC’s basic plans.   Provide a abode of your audit, and altercate any SOX reportable issues.   Recommend centralized controls to abode articular and perceived ascendancy weakness in UPC basic plans.   Some managers accept complained that the action of accepting  projects does not accede qualitative factors. What qualitative factors  will you recommend? Are there any associated risks? 

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