For this assignment, you will account a drillmaster of any adolescence action – this could be a drillmaster you accept formed with previously, a drillmaster you currently comedy for, or a drillmaster you accept never played for. Prior to the interview, you will accomplish a set of questions (in accession to several questions I will accommodate you) that will adviser you in interviewing the drillmaster of your choice. The account will accommodate items about the role of drillmaster access on adolescence development, apprenticeship practices that adjust with the abstract on absolute adolescence development, and challenges of alive with adolescence in sports. In accession to the interview, you will address a 2-3 folio cardboard in which you call the coach, his/her background, and the accepted capacity discussed in your interview. You should additionally absorb time absorption on means in which capacity mentioned in the account chronicle aback to concepts actuality discussed in the advance (via altercation lath posts, readings, ancillary meetings, etc.). While this is not a “research paper,” you are accepted to adduce any sources acclimated in your absorption (textbook, added readings, etc). I apprehend you will accept 2-3 references for this paper. reflect on capacity of account to the afterward account  we apprehend in class 

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