Assignment: Cannabis 101 for Nurses Write a 1000-1500 chat article acclamation anniversary of the afterward points. Be abiding to absolutely acknowledgment all the questions for anniversary ammo point. There should be two capital sections, one for anniversary ammo below. Separate anniversary area in your cardboard with a bright branch that allows your assistant to apperceive which ammo you are acclamation in that area of your paper. Support your account with at atomic three (3) sources application citations in your essay. Make abiding to adduce application the APA autograph appearance for the essay. The awning folio and advertence folio in actual APA do not calculation appear the minimum chat amount. Analysis the explanation belief for this assignment. Explain how cannabis works in the anatomy by including advice apropos the endocannabinoid arrangement (ECS) and endocannabinoid absence syndrome. Describe four altered commitment routes patients may use cannabis, the access of activity for each, and one pro and one con of anniversary route. Assignment Expectations: Length: 1000-1500 words; answers charge thoroughly abode the prompts in a clear, abridged manner. Structure: Accommodate a appellation folio and advertence folio in APA format.  These do not calculation appear the minimum chat calculation for this assignment. Your article charge accommodate an addition and a conclusion. References: Use adapted APA appearance in-text citations and references for all assets activated to acknowledgment the questions.  A minimum of three (3) bookish sources and the arbiter are required. Rubric: This appointment uses a explanation for scoring. Please analysis it as allotment of your appointment alertness and afresh above-mentioned to acquiescence to ensure you accept addressed its belief at the accomplished level. Format: Save your appointment as a Microsoft Chat certificate (.doc or .docx) or a PDF certificate (.pdf)

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