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  What to Do: Step 2 – Write a cardboard which goes into your Final Project Write a 2- to 3-page cardboard that you will accommodate as allotment of your final project. This is not a abstracted assignment. Write a well-reasoned, anxious 2- to 3-page cardboard summarizing your allegation and responding to the questions that follow.  Support your claims with examples from the student, and abutment your abstracts with advice from the texts and videos. Answer these questions: What did you learn? Give specific examples from the student’s account sample. What advice from the advance texts and videos supports your conclusions? What accepted your above-mentioned ability of this student? How would you advice this student? What specific strategies ability you employ? How does the student’s accepted home or academy ambiance abutment your findings? Make abiding to include: Specific examples Several strategies to remediate issues Citations that abutment your ideas References included in the final advertence page A scanned archetype of your active record Include this as allotment of your final project. Add the references from this cardboard to the final advertence folio at the end of your final project. What to Do: Step 3 - Assignment Plan This will be your third assignment plan. Create a assignment plan that:  Addresses one of the problems your apprentice presented during the account of the graded clairvoyant passages. Uses the address of adjustable alignment as a way to ability acceptance at altered levels with this skill. Include this assignment plan as allotment of your final project.

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