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  13: Select TWO abstracted actuating presentations accustomed (use accomplished periodicals, books, videos, news, etc.). Analyze and assay the speaker's use of anniversary of the afterward actuating factors.   1.   Use of affirmation and logic 2.   Techniques to accretion apostle credibility 3.   Appeal to the cerebral needs of the listeners Compare and adverse both of the presentations you chose application the three credibility listed.  Additionally, be abiding to analyze which presentation you accept is added persuasive. Support anniversary affirmation with acknowledging actual (discussed in Chapter 13). Be abiding to adduce the antecedent of area you acquired anniversary presentation.  Please column your acknowledgment to this appointment by Wednesday 11:59 p.m.  Please acknowledge to TWO (2) alternative student's posts by SATURDAY 11:59 p.m.   Chapter 14:   Prepare a 200 to 300 chat advisory address on a affair you accord with regularly. Prepare a academic address with beheld aids (graphs etc.) that you would about-face into your administrator (person you address to) or to addition in charge.  Prepare this as if you are aggravating to to acquaint or to advance a bigger compassionate of an abstraction or a anatomy of accompanying facts.  Your arbiter provides a four types of reports: Feasibility report, adorning report, advance report, or a proposal. Be abiding to acutely analyze which one you are doing.l The arbiter  provides bright outlines of anniversary and what should be included in anniversary type. Be abiding to use this as a adviser back creating your advisory report.  Post as a chat book by Thursday 11:59 p.m. Please feel chargeless to apprehend anniversary other's posts. You are not appropriate to acknowledge to alternative student's posts for this assignment. 

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