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 Topic for added acclaim : Do you see a anecdotal arc in Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Briefly, what is the ascent action, the climax, the falling action? Why is this comedy alleged a tragedy? Were you annoyed with the ending? Why or why not? and  Topic for added acclaim :What does this album commodity acquaint you about Baldwin’s accord with his father? How does Baldwin’s appearance of his ancestor change afterwards his father’s death? What is the amusing and actual ambience of this piece?    Give your cardboard a appellation that reflects your theme: “Coming of Age in The Odyssey,” not aloof “The Odyssey.” Structure of your paper: 1. You should activate with an anterior paragraph, or thesis. This states what the cardboard will awning and what point you appetite to make. 2. The anatomy of the cardboard should accommodate examples for the arcane assignment to allegorize your points. 3. A absolute branch should sum up what you’ve said and should add some acumen above your anterior paragraph. Your cardboard should accept 5 pages of text, not counting the Works Cited list. Use present close to call continuing activity in the poem, adventure or play. Use “the narrator,” “the poet,” “the speaker,” “the author,” “Homer” correctly. These acceding aren’t necessarily interchangeable. Avoid ever continued artifice summary. Remember, your clairvoyant has apprehend the arcane assignment you’re autograph about. Provide abundant artifice elements to ballast your argument; again accord your own assessment or angle on the incidents/events in the arcane work. In-line argument citations:  Athena says to Telemachus, “Find a address and a aggregation of 20 men who will chase you” (Book 1, curve 350-351). When you accord a quote, account the apostle of the quote. In Book 7, Odysseus says, “We drew lots to adjudge who would advance the Cyclops” (line 150). To adduce an alfresco antecedent in your text, account the author’s name and the book or article. Hugh Kenner writes in Odyssey Revealed that Odysseus is “a complex, ballsy character.” In Works Cited (at the end of your paper) use this format:    Kenner, Hugh, Odyssey Revealed. 1990. New York: Perseus Books. Homer, The Odyssey, in World Literature, ed. Damrosch, et al. 1980. New York: Pearson. Don’t aloof account in Works Cited. Accord author, appellation of commodity & date.  See p. 44 of the Guide to Arcane Acceding for style. Avoid commendation from,, Cliff Notes and alternative agnate web sites. They aren’t bookish sources. The account in the Norton Anthology of World Literature doesn’t calculation as an alfresco source. It is your primary source. Your Works Cited account should accept at atomic three sources: two primary sources (the assigned works) and one alfresco source. Proofread your cardboard afore handing it in. Look for misspellings, noun/verb agreement, run-on sentences, ever continued paragraphs and awkward phrasing--and apple-pie them up. Don’t duke in a asperous draft. The cardboard you duke in is your final draft, admitting you will accept the advantage of re-doing it. Remember: Quality is added important than quantity!

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