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This is an assessment!!!!!!!!!!! No PLAGARISM!!!!!!!! 1. The National Medical Association was created in 1895 to represent:     a. African American physicians and bloom professionals in the US     b. hospital administrators     c. hospitals and bloom affliction networks     d. physicians who adopted a "whole person" access to accouterment bloom care. 2. In 1910, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching issued the added than 180,000 General Electric advisers had been provided with bloom affliction insurance:    a. added than 3,200 hospitals accomplished approval beneath the Hospital Standardization Program    b. alone 89 of the 692 hospitals surveyed met requirements of the American College of Surgeons' Minimum Standard for Hospitals    c. alone one of the 155 medical schools in the US and Canada at that time provided an adequate medical education 3. Diagnosis accompanying groups (DRGs) allocate inpatient hospital cases into groups that are accepted to absorb agnate hospital resources. Which of the afterward is appropriate of inpatient affliction accustomed beneath DRGs?     a. Inpatients are consistently transferred from the hospital to addition inpatient affliction setting    b. Inpatients are absolved from the hospital already their astute appearance of affliction has resolved    c. Inpatients abide in the hospital until they are able-bodied abundant to be absolved home     d. Transfer accessories that acquire hospital inpatients about accommodate high-cost care 4. Identify a above accident in the history of change of bloom affliction commitment in the US again altercate how the accident helped appearance bloom affliction today. Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 200 words in length. 5. Identify the altered types of abiding affliction accessories and altercate the breadth of stays requirements for continued appellation facilities. Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 200 words in length.

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