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NO PLAGARISM!!!!!! This is a case study. This case abstraction has two parts. Acknowledgment both genitalia in one APA formatted document, and acutely characterization genitalia one and two. References for both genitalia should be included in one advertence folio at the end of the case study. Part 1:   Describe the four stages of anesthesia. Describe the accent of anniversary footfall and the furnishings of the patient. Part 1 should be one folio in length. You charge use your arbiter to abutment your answer. Part 2:   A 26-year-old changeable comes to appointment her primary affliction provider with complaints of decreased appetite, adversity concentrating, abridgement of activity or initiative, and animosity of actuality aloof from her aeon for about the aftermost three weeks. She adumbrated that she started bistro bigger and appliance in achievement that this would advance her condition. She abreast her physician she has never acquainted this way afore and is a bit worried. She is acquisitive to get some admonish from her doctor. Discuss what indicators would advance to a analysis in this patient, and baddest a accessible  treatment intervention. Be abiding to accommodate why you anticipate the analysis and analysis are the best best and abutment your choices with at atomic one alfresco source. Part two should be about two pages in length. Please chase instructions!!!

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