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TRANSCRIPT: “Structural Framework: Ascendancy and Supervision” Affairs Transcript MAURICE WILLIAMS: As above ambassador of Treatment Advance Care, aback I appearance up at appointment every day there are hundreds of problems that charge to be solved-- absolutely hundreds. So aback I appearance up at work, aboriginal affair I'm cerebration is, "Have we had any disruptions overnight? Acquire we had any advance parents alarm the hotline and say, 'Listen, I appetite this 15 year old boy out of my home immediately?'" Second botheration would be, do we acquire abundant accouchement in the program? We charge to do added recruitments, get alternative audience into our program, so that we can abide to grow. Our program, of course, thrives off of confined clients. And in adjustment to serve them, they charge aboriginal be transferred to us from the Department of Amusing Services. So aback advance parents say, "Listen, I appetite this adolescent out," it is my albatross to get with the analytic director, to get with case accustomed amusing artisan to amount out what absolutely is the botheration in this home. We do what we alarm an emergency case review. We accumulate the absolute aggregation together, clinicians will appear in, we will allege at breadth about what these issues acquire been. Best of the time we already apperceive what some of them are, but again maybe there were some new issues that presented over night. ANDREA INGRAM: You know, Maurice, it sounds to me like you acquire the families to be anxious about, the accouchement to be anxious about, and your agents to be anxious about. MAURICE WILLIAMS: Absolutely. ANDREA INGRAM: And there's a little allotment of what you said, it reminded me a little bit of my job, which is aback you appear in the morning, you acquire an calendar of things you appetite to do, and lots of times, that's not what you end up doing. MAURICE WILLIAMS: We're crisis interventionist people. We advance in crisis. We appetite to appointment it out. And I charge ensure that the amusing workers don't get tired. There are a lot of problems that they're having, so the amusing artisan could get tired, and aloof be like, well, "Listen, I'm done with this ancestors as well." So aback I appearance up at appointment every day with all of the hundreds of problems that we do have, that is my primary responsibility, to accumulate these families intact. ANDREA INGRAM: My youngest adolescent declared my job one day as-- somebody asked her, what does your mom do? And she said, well, she solves problems all day. I hadn't anticipation about it, but in our agencies, that's what we're doing, we're analytic problems all the time. And I allotment a lot of those kinds of staffing and affair for families, because I run a crisis centermost also. © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 1                                          But I capital to acknowledgment a array of advancing beyond botheration that we have. Our alignment has two capital things that we do. We do crisis services, and we acquire a accomplished agents that does that, and we acquire apartment programs. And so it's about like we acquire two big departments, and we allotment the aforementioned building, and our agents charge to be actual integrated. And what happens sometimes is that they alpha to array of go their abstracted means and lose some of that compassionate of anniversary other. I ability alpha to apprehend criticism from one ancillary to the other, criticism, or not compassionate why they're accomplishing assertive things. I've got to accompany them aback together, because we are a unified staff, and we additionally charge to aback anniversary other. So how do I do that? How do we abstain that? One of the things that I acquire begin to be best acknowledged is cross-training-- to booty a crisis agents actuality and advise them to appointment in the shelter, booty addition who's in abode in the apartment and acquire them appointment in addition location, at our day ability centermost for example. So cross-training-- and not alone is that a acceptable way to acquire anniversary other, but as far as in an emergency, if we acquire agents who are accomplished in a lot of altered positions, again we can accumulate going, because we've got to accumulate all of our programs activity 24 hours, all the time. Also, sometimes we aloof acquire meetings, if I'm audition something's agriculture up as a problem, accompany bodies together, and, OK, let's acquire the apartment agents explain to the crisis agents why they did that, because there's usually a acceptable reason. So I'm consistently aggravating to accumulate bodies together, accumulate cohesiveness in the agency, accumulate account for anniversary other, and accumulate compassionate of their jobs. HOLLY HOEY: So this catechism actually-- you both were talking about centralized problems, and this catechism to me, I automatically anticipation about external. And you appointment anon with clients, and United Way works alongside with clients, through our partners. And I was cerebration about advance management. And aback I say advance management, I don't see it as a problem, but it's added about preventing a problem. I've been at United Way for about 12 years, and 50% of my job is alive with volunteers, which I absolutely love. They're basic to our organization, yet as a agents person, it's actual arduous managing volunteers, as we all know. And so with my aggregation and to new agents that appear on board, it's absolutely teaching them advance administration 101. They consistently acquire abundant ideas, which is wonderful. There is aloof no accessible way that we can acquire all of these ideas. And so you as a agents actuality are amenable to accomplish abiding that you're adjustment with the mission and the cardinal administration of the organization, and that you acquire to vet those ideas, and that it's your albatross to say to the volunteer, that's a abundant idea, do we acquire the centralized assets to abutment this idea? Do we acquire the affairs to abutment it? Do we get it sponsored? © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 2                                        I anticipate it's important that you absolutely brainwash in the agents associates who are managing volunteers, that one is to administer the expectations-- well, to acquire bright expectations up front. Let me accord you an archetype of a brace of years ago, I'm alive with a admirable advance who is aloof so dedicated. He had an abstraction to accompany calm assertive volunteers and our best acceptable donors to an accident at an art museum, and to aloof acquire a affectionate of celebratory event, and to acknowledge them, and to bang alpha the campaign, and he capital to get the sponsorship. And I did not feel acceptable about it as a agents person. I thought, It's sending the amiss message, bodies aren't activity good, and we're activity to acquire this event. It aloof isn't the appropriate feel." And he kept blame me, he kept blame me, and I assuredly had to say to him, "I aloof don't feel acceptable about this. Let's absolutely anticipate about the ambiance appropriate now." "We're about to get into the recession, accepting an accident appropriate now, it aloof wasn't the appropriate feeling. And I anticipate donors would absolutely attending ailing aloft it." And so he assuredly agreed, and it was my albatross as a agents actuality to advance back. And I anticipate that we acquire that obligation to our alignment and to our donors. We acquire to be a acceptable abettor to our donors and volunteers, and to say, "Is this absolutely the appropriate affair to do?" ANDREA INGRAM: Holly, what I absolutely like about your story, though, is that you followed your intuition, your instincts. Sometimes we all are in situations area we acquire that battles with ourselves. HOLLY HOEY: Yeah, and it's hard. MAURICE WILLIAMS: It is hard. HOLLY HOEY: It's hard. ANDREA INGRAM: You know, "Am I right, am I wrong?" And you aloof didn't let go of that feeling. And you were right. MAURICE WILLIAMS: It's not alone because they're volunteers, I anticipate it's with agents alike. Because alike with my staff, right, we acquire to ensure that they are aboriginal seeing the problems out in the field, because I'm not out there accomplishing the home visits. I'm not interacting with the families and accouchement on a constant basis. So agents has to accept that high administration is activity to aboriginal apprehend the problems that they're accepting in the field. Allotment of our albatross is to apprehend and accept to what the problems are out there, and again appear up with a bright way of how to abode them and adapt any changes that we charge to accomplish in adjustment for our placements to be successful. One affair that we do as able-bodied as that, we accommodated with our advance parents already every three months. So they are all there, all 50 of them are in this room, we're talking © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 3                                          about all of the issues we've had on the ground. One affair that I've noticed that my agents is starting to do, is that any botheration that has existed in added than three families in one analysis period-- which would be three months-- that is a botheration that we will booty to the above affair that we acquire every three months. And we will allege aboveboard about it, we will appear up with a action that allows us to allay those types of problems. So I anticipate seeing trends in our homes and in our families that actualize issues, for not aloof one or two families, but assorted families, how do we acutely ascertain a action that's activity to be able to acutely allocution to that problem, and appear up with some applicable solutions for all of us. How do you guys accord with problems that you see occurring currently, and again how you can abate those apropos from continuing? HOLLY HOEY: At United Way of Central Maryland, we're a actual complicated organization, because we accelerate out checks and allocations to over 1600 nonprofit organizations a year. We can booty acclaim cards, banal transition, you apperceive there's transactions, there's amount deduction, there's cash, there's checks-- I mean, there's so abounding means that bodies can accord on a account basis, on a annual basis, to United Way, and we acquire the basement to abutment that, however, there's activity to be a animal error. The one affair that we do to break a botheration is, appropriate away, there's a aggregation in place. We actualize a cantankerous anatomic aggregation from the altered departments. We cull everybody together, we say, "OK, how did it happen, what are we activity to do to fix the problem, but best importantly, what are we activity to do to fix the botheration so that it is preventable in the future?" But this happens, and I anticipate that it's important that the absolute behavior and procedures that are in place, that you're consistently advancement that, you're doublechecking that, you're ecology it, and again if article happens, you're consistently modifying it to ensure that that botheration will not appear in the future. MAURICE WILLIAMS: So how do we, Andrea, advise our agents to analyze problems, so by the time that it alcove our desks, we are already acquainted of it, and we can accord with it afore it gets out of control? ANDREA INGRAM: Well, I was thinking, as a acknowledgment alert to you all, that it's-- for us, we're all about people, we acquire a lot of staff, they acquire demanding jobs, abundant like your situation, and I would say that we listen, listen, listen. Because agents are not consistently activity to appear to you, you know, so you absolutely acquire to be alert all the time for any little undercurrents, and again you acquire to respond. Aback you apprehend something, you acquire to respond. And I acquire begin that you can't consistently break a problem. If agents gets the activity that you are aggravating to break the problem, again I anticipate that goes a continued way to advance morale, so that bodies still © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 4                          feel acceptable about the alignment and feel acceptable about the way they're actuality treated. HOLLY HOEY: You charge to actualize a ability in which everybody-- and our admiral and CEO say this-- "You can advance from any armchair in this organization. It doesn't amount if you're the CEO, or if you're an administrator-- you know, an authoritative person-- or if you are in finance, you are a baton in this organization. And it is your obligation and your albatross to accession your hand, to ask the boxy questions, if you see a problem, to not discount it. If you're at all in agnosticism of annihilation that you see or experience, you acquire to accession your hand." MAURICE WILLIAMS: I acquaint my agents all the time that, "You guys are the aerial and eyes of the agency. I mean, you will be the aboriginal ones to see, to faculty some array of aberration in the home. You consistently acquire to be in tune to what you see, what you've learned, your ability amplitude that you backpack every day, to accompany aback those problems to us." And you're right, they acquire to feel like we listen, like we care, and then, ultimately, we can do article about it, because they don't consistently appetite to aloof acquire us listen. We can't consistently break every problem, nor can we break the botheration calmly or quickly, because sometimes we acquire to absolutely attending at how we break this botheration will actuate whether or not-- for my organization-- whether or not this adjustment stays intact, whether or not we acquire to move the child, whether or not we acquire to in actuality decertify the advance home. So we acquire to booty our time, we acquire to attending at all of the factors complex to appear to the appropriate conclusion. © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 5 ASSIGNMENT: Problems in animal casework organizations do not access in labeled bales with bright instructions on how to break them. It is up to animal casework administrators to analyze problems and strategies to abode them. It is important to accede the accomplish or accomplishments those animal casework administrators can booty to abode problems. It is additionally important to accede what an ambassador can do to anticipate problems from occurring initially. For this Assignment, appearance the "Structural Framework: Ascendancy and Supervision" video and baddest a botheration in animal casework articulate by one of the animal casework administrators. As you accept to the video, anticipate about the responsibilities of animal casework administrators in analytic problems. Accede how the administrators acclimated administration and/or ascendancy to abode the problem. Finally, accede whether the ambassador ability acquire prevented the problem. The appointment (2–3 pages): Briefly analyze the animal casework ambassador you called from this week’s video. Describe the problems associated with the ambassador you selected. Describe the responsibilities of the animal casework ambassador accompanying to the botheration he or she categorical in the Roundtable Discussion. Explain how the ambassador acclimated ascendancy and/or administration to abode problems in his or her organization. Explain whether the ambassador ability acquire prevented the botheration categorical in the Roundtable Discussion and why or why not. Share an acumen about the role of animal casework administrators in preventing and acclamation problems in animal casework organizations. Support your Appointment with specific references to all assets acclimated in its preparation. You are asked to accommodate a advertence account for all resources, including those in the Learning Assets for this course. You should accommodate in your references at atomic two assets included in this week’s assets and at atomic one alfresco bookish resource.

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