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The final claim is the acquiescence of the Able Portfolio. This certificate should accept been started in HMSV 180- Claimed and Able Development in Human Services and will be due at the end of this course. The allocation calibration for the portfolio is as follows: 90-100 credibility = A     80-85 credibility = B    70-75 credibility = C    60-65 credibility = D 86-89 credibility = B+    76-79 credibility = C+    66-69 credibility = D+    0-59 credibility = F The requirements for appointment the portfolio are the following: Portfolio Components 1. Claimed eyes statement.* 2. Current resume.* (Should accommodate internship experiences.) 3. Sample job appliance awning letter.* 4. Two claimed or appearance advertence letters.* 5. Capstone Essay Abstract (A one folio arbitrary of your Capstone Essay). 6. Brief arbitrary of Internships I, II, and III with Site Supervisor Evaluations. 7. Two able advertence letters. 8. Able Network (A account of those who apperceive your assignment with their acquaintance information.) 9. Certificates, activity documentation, photos or alternative items that authenticate claimed and able growth. Be abiding to accumulate you own archetype of your completed portfolio for your own use. Items 1-4 followed by * charge be submitted in HMSV 180: Claimed & Able Development. All items charge be submitted in HMSV 490: Internship III: Capstone Seminar.

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