Can someone answer 2 short discussion questions, A Case study and a Scholar activity

1.    Think aback to a time back you accept formed for a administrator who confused from one administration appearance to addition based on situational variables declared in the Long and Spurlock (2008) article. Call the bearings and variables that prompted the change and what fabricated it effective, or what may accept been done abnormally to accomplish it added effective. (If you accept not been in this situation, call what you anticipate you ability acquaintance in a agnate situation.)   2.    Case Study  Read the afterward commodity from the appropriate account assignment: Preston, G., Moon, J., Simon, R., Allen, S., & Kossi, E. (2015). The appliance of affecting intelligence in activity leadership. Journal of Advice Technology and Economic Development, 6(1), 16-40.  After account the article, assay the afterward scenario: As a manager, you accept two advisers who accept a difficult time alive together. While annihilation accurately amateurish has been done by either one of them, alternative aggregation associates accept bidding affair that the differences amid them are causing astriction and some alternative aggregation associates are accepting adversity assuming their work. Some accept alike gone so far as to say that the bearings is causing a adverse assignment environment.   ·         Based on your adopted administration style, how would you handle this situation? ·         What are some able practices that you would use for arch bodies and business processes in this situation? ·         In this situation, what is your role in the controlling processes that serve to authorize an authoritative altitude aggressive to accommodated business goals?  Be abiding to abode the following: ·         Begin the altercation by anecdotic which of the scenarios you chose.  Accommodate a abrupt account as to which of the administration styles presented in the aloft commodity you are best adequate discussing in advanced of accumulation of people? ·         Explain your top three, in adjustment from best like you to atomic like you, and explain why you chose them. ·         Then, acknowledgment the questions provided with your called scenario. ·         Use the advice provided in this assemblage to actuate which administration styles you adopt to use back you are in a administration position (visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and commanding). ·         Then, because the aloft points, how would you advance with administration the called scenario?   You are appropriate to use at atomic two alfresco sources.  All sources acclimated charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying citations in APA format. 3.    The aeon of analysis and colonization was abounding with abandon amid the Europeans and Natives. Was this abandon inevitable, or could it accept been avoided?   4.    Scholar Activity   Write a three folio article on one of the capacity below:   ·         Bacon’s defection on Jamestown, Va.;   ·         The Pueblo Revolt; and ·         Salem witch trials   The article charge address, but are not bound to, the afterward items listed below:    ·         Introduce the event. This may accommodate what happened, the reason, setting, location, timeline, outcome, and casualties. ·          Describe how characteristics of the arena of Colonial America impacted your called conflict. ·         Discuss the American ethics or philosophies that may accept acquired this accident to occur. How accept these ethics and philosophies afflicted to the way we alive today?   ·         Discuss your angle on the event, including, but not bound to, what was assured or avoidable, and what was benign or costly.   Chaney, T., Cohen, K., & Cotton, L. P. (2012). The Virginia Company of London. Retrieved from   Poe, E. (1849, April 21). Eldorado. Retrieved from   Virtual Jamestown. (n.d.). John Rolfe (1585-1622). Retrieved from

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