Campaign to Make Awareness About Ocean Pollution

Campaign to accomplish acquaintance about ocean abuse Background The accepted ecology affair of ocean abuse in Dubai which is overextension rapidly due to abridgement of awareness. Abysm countries depend heavily on seawater desalination for bubbler water. But experts warns that abuse of abysm baptize could anon accomplish it absurd to amusement seawater for animal consumption. According to ram Prasad a oil and gas able in Dubai claims that accretion urbanisation led to auctioning of sewage, chancy decay and baneful chemicals in to the sea (Janardhan, 2004) Ambition Public Ocean abuse is a area which is not taken seriously. There is awareness’ in the government but the regulations and rules charge change to abate the appulse and accomplish the accessible added acquainted about the situation. The primary ambition of the attack is to accomplish the capital authoritative authorities complex in baptize ability administration to booty an activity about the accepted ocean pollution. Getting absorption of capital authoritative authorities such as : * The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries The Ministry of Electricity and Baptize * The Accepted Baptize Resources Authority * The Federal Ecology Agency Cold The primary cold is to get the absorption on authoritative authorities to booty the amount in to their easily by allied . for archetype oil discharge is a austere affair how can they advice to anticipate it? What new laws could be built? Secondary cold is to accomplish the accepted accessible acquainted of ocean abuse so that they won’t accord to it. Message The bulletin of the attack would be “SAVE THE WATERS” which would access the authorities and accessible to act aloft it. Strategy/ approach and approach Our stragedy of acquaintance is mainly based on media. Trough amusing networking sites to advance the message. Organising contest to grab the accessible attention. Account belletrist on arch newspapers such as abysm account sponsored by authorities. Timetable The time table would accommodate the canicule area campaigns will be held. Time and locations. Timetable

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