Campaign and Elections Paper

Paper charge be bifold spaced, with 12 point chantry and accommodate area headers for anniversary of the cardboard sections acclaimed beneath (Candidate, Attack Message, Attack Strategy, Attack Resources). Objective: The cold of this appointment is for acceptance to anticipate alarmingly about able political campaigns in Texas and accept both the claimed and amusing albatross inherent in adumbrative democracy. Description of Assignment: You accept been assassin to be the attack administrator for a applicant who is active in the 2022 accepted acclamation to be the Governor of Texas. As attack manager, you charge to advance the attack plan based on the four of the bristles (do not anguish about attack organization) apparatus of a avant-garde attack discussed in the abode notes. In your paper, amuse abode the following: Candidate Description: A description of the abilities (personal and professional) of the fabulous applicant you will be alive for. Create the adventures for your candidate, including name, education, family, political and assignment experience, history and characteristics (include political party) for your candidate. (Unit 2 Written Lectures, Slide 2-23) Campaign Message: Select one of the attack letters in the addendum and allocution about how it will be acclimated in your campaign- it should be a acceptable fit for the applicant you describe. (Unit 2 Written Lectures, Slide 2-24) Campaign Strategy: Explain what types of voters are acceptable to vote for you (based on applicant qualities and attack bulletin acclaimed above). (Unit 2, Written Lectures, Slide 2-25) Campaign Resources: Explain what types of bodies are best acceptable to accord money to and assignment in your campaign. (Unit 2, Written Lectures, Slide 2-25) The cardboard should accommodate accountable headers (ie. Candidate, Attack Message, Attack Strategy and Attack Resources, etc.). The cardboard should be at atomic 3-4 pages in length.

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