California History ( 1 page )

California Baptize Discussion:  ( 1 folio ) According to legend, Mark Twain allegedly wrote, "God gave California affluence of whiskey, but aloof abundant baptize to action over." Chapter two talks absolutely a bit about baptize and its importance. Anyone who has lived actuality for any breadth of time knows that baptize issues are no joke. The accompaniment averages about 21-24 inches of precipitation per year. 75% of that occurs in the arctic 1/3 of California. However, 80% of the baptize appeal is in the southern 2/3 of the state. Droughts are a connected blackmail and alarming reality. Answer the afterward questions: 1. Give a arbitrary of affiliate 2's sections on water.(2.5 pages of book are attached) 2. Given the demands of southern California for water, and the abridgement of it, how could (has) this become a amusing and political issue? Twain's adduce is a acceptable example. 3. Hawaii is the wettest state. It averages 57 inches of precipitation per year. It has a citizenry of 1.4 million. However, California averages 21-24 inches but has the nation's better citizenry at 39.5 million! If you were "in charge," how would you "fix" it? Please be realistic. Cite any sources you use.

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