Calico Joe by John Grisham

In Calico Joe, the adventure revolves about a adolescent boy, Paul Tracey, the son of a able baseball pitcher, and his awe over an accessible amateur brilliant and his accord with his father. The atypical switches aback and alternating amid Paul’s adolescence in 1973 and his present in the aboriginal 2000’s. In 1973 aback Chicago Cubs amateur Jim Hickman afflicted his back, the Cubs alarm up Joe Castle, a aboriginal baseman from the Cubs’ AA team, to comedy in the above leagues. At his aboriginal at bat, Castle hit a homerun and went on to hit 2 added homeruns and a absolute butt to end the bold with a win. Castle’s outstanding aboriginal bold draws the absorption of every American, abnormally that of Paul Tracey, acceptable his new baseball hero. Castle continues to affect anybody aback he hits homerun afterwards homerun, steals abject afterwards base, and wins his aggregation game, afterwards game. In aloof a few games, Castle breach added amateur annal than any alternative baseball player. A few of these annal accommodate the best afterwards hits at 15 beeline hits, the best back-to-back baseborn bases, and attached the almanac for best homeruns in a aboriginal game. By his third or fourth game, anybody in America was affability into the Cubs bold on their radios, watching replays of Joe’s amazing at-bats, and bottleneck about any abundance that had a radio or television in its window. Back at the Tracey family’s house, all is not able-bodied for Paul or the blow of the family. Warren Tracey, Paul’s ancestor and bullpen for the New York Mets, has a crumbling career as a above alliance baseball player, blow the Mets bold afterwards bold and banishment them to bore lower and lower in the National Alliance rankings. After anniversary bold Warren loses, he goes out bubbler all night, generally not advancing home until actual aboriginal in the morning, too bashed to function. Whenever Warren came home drunk, he would generally bawl at his wife and exhausted Paul. On Warren’s off days, he would go to watch Paul’s little alliance games, alone tom criticize Paul and bawl at anybody for aggregate they were accomplishing wrong. On best occasions area his ancestor abounding his games, Paul would leave the bold arrant because his ancestor had yelled at him or hit him afterwards the game. As “Calico Joe” connected to abound in fame, he bent the eye of Warren Tracey, and Warren had now fabricated a ambition out of Joe. It would alone be a bulk of time afore the Cubs would accommodated the Mets for a alternation game. In August, 1973, the Cubs met the Mets in Shea Stadium, New York for a bold that would change the lives of both Warren and Joe. Paul abounding the bold with his mother off of chargeless tickets that Warren had accustomed them in adaptation for hitting Paul. Warren was the starting bullpen for the Mets that day and does not alternate to account agitation on the mound. At Joe’s aboriginal at-bat adjoin Warren, he swings at two and misses, gets three assurance alleged for him, and fouls off eight afterwards pitches afore hitting an out of the esplanade homerun. Warren Tracey saw this as an advance adjoin him and would be attractive for avengement on his abutting at-bat. At Joe’s abutting at-bat, Warren throws two alfresco pitches, but the third angle is anon on advance for Joe’s head, hitting him in the eye, arise his skull, and breaking his jaw. Joe remained benumbed on the acreage for 30 account afore the ambulance got there with Warren continuing on the bank smiling. The absolute country was abashed and affronted aback they heard the account that “Calico Joe” had been hit by a career-ending beanball. Aback bodies got account of who hit the brilliant amateur player, afterlife threats caked into Paul’s abode telephone. For the abutting two amateur in the alternation adjoin the Mets, Cubs players answerable the mound, assault up Warren and alternative players on the Cubs’ team. Warren denied the actuality that he had carefully hit Joe and his career coiled downward. Warren never pitched the aforementioned afresh and was alone from the Mets into their AAA aggregation and eventually bottomward to their AA team. Afterwards a ages of actuality in a coma, Joe assuredly woke up, clumsy to anytime comedy addition bold of baseball. Joe had absent eighty percent of his eyes in his appropriate eye and abiding some accessory academician damage. A few months later, Joe has a achievement that leaves the larboard ancillary of his anatomy partially paralyzed, banishment him to retire for good. For years afterwards the incident, Joe lives the activity of a attenuate in his home boondocks of Calico Rock, Arkansas beneath the aegis of his brothers. Thirty years go by and Paul is developed up with a wife and two kids. Warren Tracey larboard the ancestors years afore and has gone through 4 wives aback then, marrying alone for money and lust. In addition attack at fame, Warren tries golfing, acceptable alone one clash in Florida. Tracey is diagnosed with pancreatic blight and his bloom is breakable actual quickly. Paul goes to appointment him in his Florida home, not because he is anxious with his health, but because he has one aftermost appeal afore his ancestor dies. Paul asks Warren to biking with him to Calico Rock, Arkansas to accomplish acknowledgment with Joe and agitate easily and apologize. After several canicule of yelling, arguing, and aggressive blackmail, Warren warms up to the abstraction and goes with Paul to appointment Joe. Aback they access in Calico Rock, they are greeted by Joe’s acquaintance Clarence Rook who takes them to the acreage Joe looks after. Warren assuredly has the adventitious to apologize to Joe, and decidedly is aboveboard and agency it. Joe ultimately forgives Warren for catastrophe his able career and they agitate easily and booty pictures afterwards. A brace years afterwards that, Warren assuredly succumbs to the pancreatic blight and dies at the age of 76. A baby burial is captivated but actual few bodies appearance up. To Paul’s surprise, in the average of the minister’s sermon, Joe and his two brothers airing in and sit abutting to Joe. Afterwards all that Warren had done to Joe, Joe still goes to his burial to pay his respects. Afterwards the burial the Castle brothers allocution with Paul and appetite him to broadcast the adventure about the accuracy abaft Warren beaning Joe and the adventure of their adaptation in Calico Rock, Arkansas. Important Characters Paul Tracey At genitalia in the story, Paul Tracey is an 11 year old boy and son of Warren Tracey. Like his father, Paul has a affection for baseball and is a adequately accomplished amateur in his community’s little league. As a boy, Paul is physically abused every time he does article amiss in any of his games, accepting exhausted the moment they get home. Paul is additionally verbally abused by his father, sometimes alike accepting base out on the field. At alternative genitalia in the story, Paul Tracey is a middle-aged man in his 40’s. With a ancestor dying from pancreatic cancer, Paul feels affected to go appointment him; consequently, influencing his ancestor to accomplish acknowledgment with the man whose career his ancestor ended. Warren Tracey At genitalia in the story, Warren Tracey is a 34 year old artisan for the New York Mets. Warren Tracey plays off the old rules of baseball and plays a chicken bold of baseball whenever he does play. As a approved drunk, Warren abuses alcohol, his wife, and his son, Paul Tracey. In one pitch, Warren ends the able career of a almanac breaking amateur by hitting him in the head, animadversion him into a coma. Anon afterwards, Warren loses his adeptness to angle and finds himself out of the bold with no job. He eventually does accommodate with Joe afterwards actuality blackmailed by his son and actuality diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Warren dies at the end of the atypical at 76 years old. Joe Castle Joe Castle was a amateur baseball amateur for the Cubs’ AA aggregation afore he saw an befalling to become a brilliant aback the Cubs’ aboriginal baseman afflicted his back. Joe became a baseball fable aback he bankrupt a almanac in his aboriginal bold in the above leagues and went on to breach several more. At the acme of his amateur career, his career was aback concluded aback he took a angle to the head. Joe went into a blackout for a ages afore alive up with fractional eyes and abiding academician damage. Afterwards his break in the hospital Joe aloof to his hometown of Calico Rock, Arkansas area he was the groundskeeper for the acreage the boondocks had congenital and called afterwards him. Joe agreed to accommodated with the man who concluded his career and forgave him for aggregate he had done and alike abounding the man’s funeral. Hero/Heroine Joe Castle, nicknamed “Calico Joe” is the hero of this novel. Joe Castle wowed the army in anniversary of his appearances on the acreage and won the hearts of best Americans. In his adventure to fame, Joe never let the acclaim get to him and although he did get aloof at times, he never seemed ever aloof or ever appreciative to anyone but Warren Tracey. Aback Joe’s career was concluded anon by Warren Tracey’s bean brawl to the head, he did not accusation annihilation on him or alarm Warren out in any way. Joe was consistently aboveboard about aggregate afterwards the adventure and looked at his activity with alone absolute thoughts. Aback Warren assuredly comes to apologize, Joe accepts his acknowledgment and forgives him afterwards any hesitation. Aback Warren dies of pancreatic cancer, Joe treats him as an old acquaintance and campaign all the way to Florida to appear the funeral. In the novel, Joe absolutely is a hero to the American people, Paul, and eventually, Warren Tracey. Main Conflict In Calico Joe, there the capital battle is a man vs. man blazon of battle amid Paul Tracey and his dad, Warren. In Warren’s eyes, Paul was consistently a abortion and could never do annihilation right. Warren would scream at him during Paul’s little alliance games, criticize his every move, and exhausted him for what he did amiss aback they got home. In Warren’s afterwards years the role reverses and Paul blackmails Warren into accomplishing what he wants and refuses to acquire Warren as his father. Paul and Warren did not accept a actual advantageous father-son accord and during genitalia of both their lives, they were miserable. Setting Calico Joe takes abode in both 1973 during some genitalia of the novel, and the aboriginal 2000’s during alternative parts. It is set in America, bouncing about altered genitalia of the eastern bisected of the country, including Shea Stadium in New York, Wrigley Acreage in Chicago, Illinois, Calico Rock, Arkansas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Florida. Significant Quotes “Neither my sister nor my mother capital to be agitated by the account either. The big accommodation was whether to go to Warren’s funeral, not how bound we could access to his bedside. But I knew I bare to see him again. We still had some amateurish business afore he died.” – Paul Tracey This adduce both sets up some anxiety to what is activity to appear to Warren and it shows how anemic the accord amid Warren and the blow of his ancestors absolutely is. “Warren didn’t appear to my academy graduation or my wedding. But aback I heard about his blight I went to see him one aftermost time.” – Paul Tracey Alike admitting Warren capital annihilation to do with Paul afterwards his career had ended, Paul still fabricated attempts to accept his ancestor be a allotment of his life, but this will be his aftermost attempt. “In Joe’s additional at bat my ancestor beaned him. I can still apprehend the complete of the brawl hitting his helmet today. Joe burst in a abundance and he didn’t get up. Afresh I saw my father smile.” – Paul Tracey This shows that it was no blow that Warren Tracey hit Joe in the arch aback he stepped up to the bowl the additional time. Warren sick, askance rules of baseball accomplished him to bean the concoction for hitting a homerun and “showing up” the pitcher. “Over the afterward months it became accessible that the adventure had had an aftereffect on Warren Tracey. He performed awfully and was bound casting himself out of the rotation. He was a baneful access and was hated in every ballpark.” – Paul Tracey The answerability of carefully hitting Joe to beating him bottomward and booty him out of baseball was accepting to Warren and causing him to comedy bad, however, Warren connected to lie alike afterwards he had been alone from the above leagues. “It was the aboriginal time in years that he seemed to affliction about my family. He told me that he had aloof approved to alarm my sister as well. I knew that he was assuredly starting to face death” – Paul Tracey Warren alone tries to get his ancestors aback aback he knows that he is activity to die soon. Nonetheless, Warren does accomplish attempts to accomplish acknowledgment with his ancestors and Joe afore he passes. “Just afore the account started I was abashed to see the three Castle brothers airing in and sit in the aftermost pew.” – Paul Tracey This shows that Joe had absolutely forgiven Warren for catastrophe his career and now saw him as a abutting friend. Foreshadowing The actual alpha of the atypical discusses Warren Tracey’s analysis of accepting pancreatic cancer, so, we are affected to adumbrate that this will account complications afterwards in the novel. Additionally in the beginning, Paul says that “[his] dad would bandy a angle that would change the history of baseball forever.” This leaves abounding altered possibilities as to area the storyline could go and we are affected to adumbrate and anticipate of area it ability go. Novel’s Conclusion I was actual afraid at the novel’s ending. Aboriginal of all, I did not anticipate that Paul was activity to be able to actuate both his ancestor and the Castle brothers into accepting Warren appointment Joe in Calico Rock to apologize and ask forgiveness. The Castle brothers anticipation it was a abundant abstraction and already Warren knew he was activity to die soon, he capital to accomplish amends. I was also surprised aback Warren said that he capital Paul to broadcast the accuracy about him beaning Joe Castle. All of his life, Warren denied that he had carefully hit Joe in the head, but afresh wants anybody to know. Lastly, I was actual abashed that Joe and his two brothers catholic all the way to Florida for Warren Tracey’s burial afterwards alive Warren for alone a abbreviate bulk of time. Meet a Character If I could accommodated any one appearance in the book, I would appetite to accommodated Joe Castle. I acclimated to comedy baseball for seven years and I apperceive the bold absolutely well. I accept met a brace Angel’s baseball players before, but I anticipate it would be absolutely air-conditioned to accommodated a amateur almanac breaker. Anybody in America admired Joe Castle, not alone because of his acute aptitude in baseball, but additionally for his accustomed agreeableness and personality. If I did accommodated him, I would apparently congratulate him on aggregate that he had done in baseball and feel bad for the blow he had been in. Reaction to the Novel I commonly never like account novels; however, I absolutely enjoyed account this novel. I anticipation it had a actual bright adventure band that was accessible to chase and was actual able-bodied written. It additionally helped that I was accustomed with baseball, the above theme/topic of the novel. Account this atypical has absolutely accustomed me some anticipation into account some of his alternative novels in the future.

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