Calculate Confidence Intervals and Comparing Independence Means

  You will account aplomb intervals for the quantitative variables in the Affection Amount Dataset. Attached below. Steps 1. Open the Affection Amount Dataset in Excel and analyze the quantitative variables 2. Make abiding the abstracts is sorted by class (e.g.male-at-rest, changeable at-rest, etc.) 3. Use the Abstracts Analysis accoutrement of Excel to assemble 95% and 99% aplomb intervals for all of the sorted quantitative variable.  Please agenda that the accomplishment actuality acclimated in the aplomb breach of the means, which requires the use of the Accepted Error of the beggarly (not the accepted deviation). 4. Create a Chat certificate and use your affected after-effects to call the accepted amount and ambit for anniversary of the variables. 5. Make abiding you agenda and explain any differences in the agency of the variables, and any aftereffect you empiric afterwards alteration the akin of confidence. Part 2, you will use the aplomb intervals affected to actuate if two agency are the same. Steps Comparing Two Independent Means 1. Using Part 1 above 2. Analyze the agency and aplomb intervals for the comatose affection amount for beggarly and women. 3. Use the 95% aplomb intervals to actuate if the comatose macho affection is the aforementioned as the comatose changeable heart. 4. Echo the allegory for the 99% aplomb interval. 5. In a Chat document, explain why you anticipate the two agency are or are not the aforementioned with a 95% akin of confidence.  Be assertive to echo your altercation for a 99% akin of confidence. Additional Instructions: Your appointment should be typed into a Chat or alternative chat processing document, formatted in APA style.

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