Caesar Augustus Essay

AP World HistoryMilo Romney Caesar Augustus10/27/12 What happens aback a man tries to booty over a republic? Able-bodied best of the time that man gets stabbed several times by his accompany and colleagues. This is at atomic what happened to the acclaimed Julius Caesar. Afterwards on his adopted son Octavian would try the aforementioned thing; however, he acclimated actual altered approach that led to a abundant happier ending, transforming Rome into a actual able and affecting empire. It was the mid-1st aeon B. C. E. , Rome was ever-growing and the republic that already ran actual calmly was encountering abounding problems aural itself. Wealthy acreage owners or elite were accepting too abundant ability and acreage and aback Roman law apprehend that alone acreage owners could serve in the aggressive abundant of the aggressive ability was reduced. Some bodies approved to change this, for archetype Tiberius, but his account were apparent as arguable and he was assassinated in 133 B. C. E. One man called Accepted Marius instituted a law advertence that men didn’t accept to own acreage to serve in the military. Soldiers still capital acreage in acknowledgment for their account though, and the accepted gave them acreage but this fabricated soldiers added loyal to army admiral rather than to the senate. After Marius retired Rome able a abrupt time of accord alone to be burst by the Social War. The Social War was acquired by the abhorrent of lower chic Italians that were not advantaged to full-citizenship and voting rights. This acquired Accepted Marius to appear back. He concluded the war and bedeviled ability of Rome. Marius died of old age and Rome started to become restless. In all of the agitation there arose a able politician, Julius Caesar. Caesar created the First Triumvirate (three men) consisting of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey (also accepted as Magnus). The Triumvirate absolutely alone fabricated these men added able admitting and absolutely didn’t advice Rome overall. The Triumvirate abolished aback Crassus died and Caesar and Pompey started to fight. Caesar invaded Rome in 49 B. C. E. and became a absolutist there. Then afterwards Pompey was murdered in Egypt in 48 B. C. E. Julius added the assembly from 600 to 900 associates to accord himself added supporters. In bristles years Caesar captivated abounding able offices and about succeeded in transforming Rome into an authority but was assassinated on the Ides of March in 44 B. C. E. Abounding wars took abode afterwards the assassination of Julius Caesar. His adopted son, Octavian, and his acquaintance both formed the Second Triumvirate and defeated Caesars assassins in the Battle of Philippi. Abounding senators were dead during this time and it was not a acceptable time for the republic. Eventually the Second Triumvirate blown and Octavian and Mark Antony angry on one another. Mark Antony affiliated Cleopatra of Egypt and they committed suicide aback Octavian invaded Egypt. Octavian became Augustus (exalted one) and now unofficially disqualified Rome. Augustus knew that in adjustment to auspiciously transform Rome into an authority he had to accomplish area his ancestor hadn’t. He accurate the arts and technology. He rebuilt temples and created alley systems. He admiring his bodies with holidays and appropriate events. Augustus would alike accord chargeless aliment and wine to all of Rome’s citizens. The assembly aloof had to sit and watch as Caesar Augustus became the absolute absolutist of Rome. Literature grew awfully during this time. Under Augustus’ aphorism Rome entered the Pax Romana, the peaceful and aureate age of Rome. So in the end Augustus acutely succeeded in the areas area Julius didn’t. Julius didn’t advance his assets as able-bodied and didn’t apprehend that he bare to booty abroad the senate’s ability not enhance it. Augustus continued Rome to a abundant ability and eventually absolutely concluded the once-renowned republic. In a absolutely accidental allegory this adventure absolutely reminded me of the cine Star Wars, the abatement of the republic and the bearing of an empire. Anyways in conclusion, Augustus adapted Rome into an authority by accepting the adherence of the citizens and soldiers while the assembly absent its power. This man was so ascendant that he alike called the ages of August afterwards himself! Not abounding could accept able what Caesar Augustus did and abounding still curiosity at his feats to this day.

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