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Because of your contempo assignment as a software development contractor, you are assassin to present an overview of C# programming to a new accumulation of contractors who are alive on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application. Using what you abstruse from your acquaintance in the account Learning Team assignments, adapt a 12- to 15-slide presentation with voiceover account or you may accommodate a recording/podcast of the presentation with your slides. The slides should awning the afterward content: Highlights of C# syntax Overview of algebraic operators and a coding fragment sample Overview of loops and a coding fragment sample Overview of codicillary expressions and a coding fragment sample Working with article models in C# Code Debugging, Resource Management and Data Validation Databases against argument files Using contest and delates and collections Overview of exceptions, errors, and debugging Explanation of the allowances of LINQ in C# programming. Including how LINQ compares to alternative concern languages, such as SQL and XQuery Explanation of the allowances of JSON in C# programming REST and C# programming A cessation accelerate that contains at atomic three important tips for C# programmers that you accept acquired over the aftermost four weeks Submit the PowerPoint® presentation with voiceover account or the presentation with the audio recording/podcast to the Assignment Files tab.

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