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  C++ Menu Please addition advice me my assistant appetite a card and told us to acknowledgment the catechism sepetaly than add them to the card i been aggravating to add the acknowledgment to one of the catechism in card but it do not assignment anyone can advice amuse cipher //System Libraries #include <iostream> application namespace std;  //User Libraries  //Global Constants - Math/Physics Constants, Conversions, //                   2-D Arrangement Dimensions  //Function Prototypes abandoned menu(); abandoned prblm1(); abandoned prblm2(); abandoned prblm3(); abandoned prblm4();  //Execution Begins Here int main(int argc, char** argv) {     //Declare Variables     char choice;          //Loop and Display card     do{         menu();         cin>>choice;          //Process/Map inputs to outputs         switch(choice){             case '1':{prblm1();break;}             case '2':{prblm2();break;}             case '3':{prblm3();break;}             case '4':{prblm4();break;}             default: cout<<"Exiting Menu"<<endl;         }     }while(choice>='1'&&choice<='4');          //Exit date right!     return 0; }  void menu(){     //Display card     cout<<endl<<"Choose from the afterward Menu"<<endl;     cout<<"Type 1 for Independent-If example"<<endl;     cout<<"Type 2 for Dependent-If example"<<endl;     cout<<"Type 3 for Ternary Op example"<<endl;        cout<<"Type 4 for Switch-Case example"<<endl<<endl; }  void prblm1(){       //method to acquisition all prime factors Primes *factor(int n) { int k=2; int m[10000]={0};//initially to abundance prime factors while(1<n) { if(n%k==0) { m[k]++;//finding prime agency n=n/k; } abroad k++; // cout<<k<<" "<<n<<endl; } //after award prime factors int i=0; k=0; while(i<10000) { if(m[i]!=0)k++; i++; } Primes *p = new Primes; p->nPrimes=k; p->prime = new Prime[k];//creating prime arrangement i=0; k=0; while(i<10000) { if(m[i]!=0) { p->prime[k].prime = i; p->prime[k].power = m[i]; k++; } i++; } acknowledgment p;//returning primes anatomy } //method to book primes abandoned prnt(Primes *p) {

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