PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS: Each cardboard will be at atomic 10 abounding pages in breadth but no best than 25 pages in breadth (do not cardinal or calculation the appellation page, the agreement page, the addition page, the abstract, table of capacity or the bibliography.) The architecture charge be distinct sided; distinct spaced; larboard allowance of 1.5 inches and all alternative margins of 1 inch on a accepted 8.5 x 11 inch page; and use the Arial 12 font. You charge abide both a cardboard archetype and a bendable archetype appliance Microsoft Word. The acquiescence charge be spell, grammar and virus arrested and accurately numbered and ordered. The cardboard is account a best of 100 credibility and a best of 100 credibility for the articulate presentation.  Paper due date: afore the aftermost day of class.   You are accustomed a best of 30 account for anniversary articulate presentation. No credibility for an articulate presentation will be accustomed if not done by the end of the aftermost day of class.  You may use adapted beheld aids, such as video, slides, the aerial projector, PowerPoint, charts, accounting handouts, etc. Provision of the all-important accouterments for such presentation is alone your responsibility. The cardboard and articulate presentation will be a accumulation activity by a best of 2 students.  Each apprentice charge accommodate a description of his/her own addition in adjustment to accept acclaim for the team’s project. The adviser charge accept your best of the botheration in advance. You may use the sign-up bedding to assets your best afterwards approval by the instructor. CONTENT:   REVERSE ENGINEERING OF A “C++” PROGRAM OR WRITE A “C++” PROGRAM TO SOLVE A COMPLEX PROBLEM IN AN APPROPRIATE ENGINEERING FIELD Each aggregation of 1 or 2 acceptance will accept a altered “C++” affairs in their adapted engineering acreage for a about-face engineering exercise. The “C++” affairs charge be at atomic 200 curve of codes. The additional advantage is for the acceptance to address a "C++" affairs that break a specific botheration in their field. The acceptance charge get the approval from the adviser afore they can alpha autograph codes to break the problem. In either options, the final cardboard charge accept the afterward elements in this order: 1. Name(s), date, and advance name/number on the appellation page 2. Plagiarism Agreement page 3. Accumulation Addition page 4. Abstruse folio (1 or 2 branch arbitrary of the paper) 5. Table of Capacity page 6. Sections a to e (listed below) which will be numbered 7. Bibliography page Only the afterward sections calculation in the folio limits:   a. Identify the application: name, concrete location, and etc. b.  Description of the appliance and abrupt history c.  Presentation of your about-face engineering solution: “C++” codes, outputs, bogus  codes, and etc. d.  Recommendations for advance (if any) e.   Conclusion

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