Im amid in the US. Follow instructions fully. Please acquisition a cardboard in the adapter aloft I appetite you to read. The appellation is: A Strategic Overview of the "New" Emergency Management by Robert O. Schneider Ph.D which is the 9 attachement. . I ask you to analysis and  then  WRITE  a 4 folio minimum paper. Your cardboard should explain how the Corona  Virus  - COV-19 --  is ability our country and has become a disaster.  Discuss in your cardboard the research information you acquisition that explains how a adversity is declared. Provide acumen from your research that shares how the federal, accompaniment and bounded governments --to accommodate accessible and private organizations comedy an capital allotment in a adversity declaration. Analysis and explain your compassionate of how this candelabrum virus has become a civic disaster.  Explain how the candelabrum virus will or has become a communicable adversity and who declares the candelabrum virus a pandemic. I am attractive for an overview of the candelabrum virus as a adversity that is additionally advised a pandemic. Explain : (is there or is there not) a difference amid a adversity and a communicable OR are they the  same?  Can a adversity be all-around and can or will the candelabrum virus become a all-around communicable disaster.     I attending advanced to your affidavit and am considering sharing your affidavit in one of the afterward classes as an appointment with your adolescent chic mates. Help your adolescent chic mates apprentice what you ascertain may be of absorption to your adolescent chic mates. 

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