Even afterwards university studies, it is not consistently accessible for refashions to break abreast and at the aforementioned time assurance their absolute expertise. Professionals additionally accept to be able to about-face Jobs, get acclimated to new alive environments and break flexible. And assuredly they accept to accord with aerial expectations and the burden to perform. Of beforehand there are altered programmer to accept from at EVIL Wakening, and one apprentice is altered from another. But abounding of you aspire to become professionals generally in an all-embracing context, and you will appear beyond the bearings as declared above. Nice you all. So what abroad do you accept in common? You will ark with alternative bodies (colleagues, clients, commissioners) and you accept to chronicle to them in one way or another. That agency advice is central. English is crucial: you now charge to apprentice to use announced and accounting English, so that it becomes accustomed to you to appointment and apprentice in that language. You will charge to act professionally, that agency you charge to appearance assertive able behaviors and a 'grown-up' attitude. Alternative bodies charge to await on you and your faculty of responsibility. You accept to apprentice adapted (career) choices in life, and do things as able-bodied as you can after underperforming or overstretching yourself. This is why we try to acclimate you for a able career, so that you can be assured that aloft graduation, you a accept added than acceptable abilities and knowledge, as able-bodied as the adapted attitude, to appointment in such alteration environments, whilst befitting your arch cool. So that, wherever you are and wherever you work, you are acquainted of the things that you still charge to learn, but additionally of the things that you are acceptable at and that you can await on. And that whatever happens, you are able to accretion out and acquaint with alternative bodies about what is needed. Whether you are alive as an agent or conceivably later, in added chief position, managing others. In added bookish terms, the ambition of alive on your competences F and G is accordingly to beforehand students' abilities to acquaint and coact professionally in an all-embracing context, and to appoint in a activity of developing themselves professionally. This is done through a accumulated programmer of Mentoring, Training and English sessions. In the aboriginal two agreement of year 1, we booty the aboriginal accomplish appear that goal. 1. 2 Accepted Content The abstraction assemblage is offered through a accumulated programmer of Mentoring, Training and English sessions. Mentoring: Capacity Performance and abstraction beforehand of apprentice Able acclimatization Wellbeing of apprentice Description Ecology of abstraction beforehand and abutment of the alone apprentice in affiliation to her/ his claimed and able behavior and development. The coach (a agents affiliate from the Beforehand Programmer) supports able orientation: at the end of appellation 2 in the best of major. Training: Communication, acknowledgment (inch. Associate appraisal skills) Teamwork, Appointment activity and aggregation process, exercises) Absorption Planning appointment and abstraction abilities Three training sessions per appellation in adjustment to alpha compassionate the aloft mentioned capacity and activate to authenticate abilities and use accoutrement that are accomplished in the sessions. English: pre-test akin 82 CHEF cant accretion alert and account Bookish Purposes Description Six sessions per appellation in which acceptance aboriginal do a basal test. Students are instructed on cant acquisition, and accept the befalling to address convenance affidavit during the appellation targeted on specific purposes. Sessions added accent on autograph skills. In addition, acceptance convenance argument assay & account apperception with (critical) analysis. Please agenda that for the English sessions there is a abstracted annual. 2. Competences and Acquirements objectives 2. 1 Adequacy and akin This abstraction assemblage develops two actual accompanying competences, which are offered for acceptance of all Bachelor programmer of EVIL in a all-encompassing way. Competence F: To acquaint in an all-embracing ambience Adequacy F is a actual ample adequacy encompassing announced and accounting English, developing abilities such as listening, presenting, interviewing, writing, alive in teams effectively. It is focused on advice in the able all-embracing ambience and at times this additionally touches on interpersonal (life) advice abilities too: egg fleeting, giving and accepting feedback, cross-cultural understanding. At college levels the convenance and compassionate of agnate qualities may be again but in added circuitous situations, or in a altered role, egg as a manager, adviser etc. Competence G: To beforehand able behavior Adequacy G is all about acquirements to accept an attitude bare for a professional: demography responsibility, assuming according to your abilities and qualities, actuality able to acclimate to the circumstances, including administration cultural differences. This includes alive yourself able-bodied with your strengths and weaknesses, acting aloft those dishabille egg by ambience acquirements goals for yourself. Again, the focus is on qualities bare for a able attitude but these qualities are never far from added accepted activity qualities, egg ambience priorities, authoritative choices. It is accessible that able behavior is generally actual abundant chip with advice (so with adequacy F) and accordingly the two competences are usually mentioned together. In the aboriginal year of studies these competences are offered at akin 1: Please be reminded that for the English sessions there is a abstracted manual. 2. 2 Acquirements objectives The objectives for this abstraction assemblage (terms 1 and 2 of year 1) are as follows: Acceptance appearance ability and compassionate of interpersonal able communication, and of the accent developing these competencies for their studies at EVIL. Students appearance absorption abilities focused on their teamwork acquaintance and activate to use altered instruments to abstraction effectively, to acquaint and beforehand professionally. Acceptance activate to feel at affluence with application the English accent on a circadian base and apprentice to use it accurately and apart in a able and bookish ambience both in exact and accounting forms. Akin of English is based on the Accepted European Framework of Advertence (CHEF), year 1: Bal for reading, listening, 2. Able role The appliance of what acceptance apprentice in this abstraction assemblage is that it gets them started in their studies and the way of belief and acquirements at EVIL. This includes how to get to grips with a appointment as a team. Besides teamwork, we additionally ambition to alternation acceptance in acceptable cogitating about the affection of their (team) work: how did it go? What was my role? What did others do? How could I do bigger abutting time? In abounding able situations aggregation appointment is a key affection of day to day appointment and by starting to do this aboriginal on, we intend to alternation acceptance thoroughly. We use the aforementioned teams that appointment calm on assignments for alternative abstraction units. 3. Acquirements methods and Acquirements activities 3. 1 Accepted outline Generally speaking there are 3 methods of teaching and acquirements in the abstraction assemblage Able Behavior and Communication, and they accompaniment anniversary other. On Blackboard you will accretion an overview of altered activities accompanying to the aboriginal and additional appellation of BBC beneath the name Timeline BBC. Mentoring: Mentoring agency the ecology of your abstraction beforehand and acknowledging you as an alone apprentice in affiliation to your claimed and able behavior and development. The coach is usually a agents affiliate from your Beforehand Programmer and will additionally abutment you in your able orientation, for archetype at the end of appellation 2 in the best of major. In the mentoring time, you accept alone affairs with your mentor. In several cases you accept to acclimate yourself for such meetings, for archetype by autograph article in beforehand and by agreement it on your own agenda amplitude on Blackboard. Usually your coach will accommodated her or his accumulation of mentoring acceptance (10 students) all together, in the aboriginal or additional anniversary of anniversary term. After that, 2 alone affairs will be captivated anniversary appellation and you and your coach accept to align for this. Training: Anniversary term, three training sessions (of 3 hours each) are held. These trainings are alternate accumulation sessions, area a lot of advice abilities and assertive accoutrement are actuality accomplished and discussed, and real-life situations are simulated. Your trainer is a specialized advice trainer and he or she will not be abashed to claiming you ND allure you to go Just a little added than what you commonly do. Trainings are generally fun but of beforehand it is all about actual austere and absolute competences to be developed. In several cases you accept to acclimate yourself for your training, for archetype by self-study (reading or autograph article in advance) and bringing examples from your own acquaintance to the training room, and/or by agreement article you accept accounting on your agenda amplitude on Blackboard. English: programmer of self-study as instructed in the abstracted manual. At the alpha of the aboriginal appellation acceptance do a basal test. Acceptance are instructed on cant acquisition, and accept the befalling to address convenance affidavit during the appellation targeted on specific purposes. Sessions added accent on autograph skills. In addition, acceptance convenance argument assay & account apperception with (critical) analysis. Please be reminded that for English there is a abstracted manual. 3. 2 Acknowledging acquaint Mentoring programmer Appellation 1 1 . Absolute accession to BBC by the co-ordination: What is BBC, acceptation of competences F Pathway of year 1 absorption on BBC Important tips (use of your agenda amplitude on Blackboard, acclimate for your sessions) 2. Accumulation affair with your mentor: Getting to apperceive your coach and anniversary alternative Submitting your c.v. and account 3. Two (2) alone affairs with mentor: Altercate beforehand and difficulties: abstraction skills, aggregation appointment Appellation 2 4. Abstraction Abroad Event in anniversary 1 5. Accumulation affair about best of aloft and adjustment (with coach or otherwise) 6. Two (2) alone affairs (or 3 actual abbreviate ones) with mentor: Altercate after-effects of aboriginal term, altercate cogitating address accounting for appraisal appellation 1 Altercate beforehand and difficulties: abstraction skills, aggregation appointment Training sessions 1 . Accession to advice and Aggregation appointment l: What is advice and why is it so important? What is the ambit that we accept in these trainings? What is Aggregation work? The 3 aspects of aggregation work: Product (or task), Appointment process, Aggregation process. In this appellation we'll focus on Appointment process: the 'hardware' of the accord process, or the procedures and accomplish involved. Practicing with appointment activity (exercise in class). How to accomplish abiding to use this in your appellation aggregation assignment? 2. Abstraction skills: Discussing and practicing altered skills: Planning, preparing, account books, autograph an activity plan, summarizing, repeating, allurement questions. Discussing adventures with teamwork during the term. Tips for improvement. 3. Absorption I and Convenance for assessment: What is absorption and why should we reflect? Report. Practicing the action for the assessment. Appellation 4. Teamwork II: Looking aback in absolute on Appointment activity in 1st term. Acquaint learnt Repeating 3 aspects of Aggregation work, now focus on Aggregation process: the 'software' of collaboration. Exercise with aggregation work, absorption on aggregation activity 5. Face to face advice skills: Discussing and practicing altered skills: listening, summarizing, allurement questions, rephrasing, non-verbal reactions. Feedback: rules of giving and accepting feedback, Shari window. 6. Advancing for a Claimed Development Plan: Application a architecture for a PDP Formulating SMART: what is it, why is it important. Practicing the use of the architecture in a SMART way English sessions Be reminded that for English there is a abstracted manual, giving you all the capacity of the acquaint and affairs needed. 3. 3 Assignments On Blackboard you will accretion an overview of altered activities accompanying to the aboriginal and additional appellation of BBC beneath the name Timeline BBC. In this 'Timeline' you additionally accretion articles that we apprehend you to abide or upload on your agenda amplitude in Blackboard. In arbitrary the assignments for mentoring and training (not including English) are as follows: Anniversary 1 - Antecedent best of aloft - for mentor, aloft adequation and programmer co- ordination. Anniversary 2 - Abide your c.v. and account by uploading on your agenda amplitude on Blackboard - for mentor. Not apparent Anniversary 8/9 - Address cogitating address for assessment. Exact borderline to be announced by trainer. Upload on Blackboard - for adjudicator to be marked, additionally arresting for mentor. Appellation 2 End of anniversary 8 - Address and abide Claimed Development Plan including antecedent best of aloft and an angel of your 'dreamed' aboriginal placement. Upload on Blackboard - for mentor, additionally arresting for trainer. Not marked, but will be after discussed with coach at the alpha of appellation 3. In accession to the above, you are acerb brash to acclimate for the alone mentoring affairs by cerebration about how you are accomplishing study-wise, what needs your adapted attention, what should be discussed with the mentor, This may additionally accommodate autograph bottomward a cardinal of points. 4. Assay 4. 1 Accepted outline For this abstraction unit, two fractional examinations are organized, WAGE PAW (40%) and WAGE PAW (60%), calm accouterment the final brand for this abstraction unit. Calm the two exams charge to accept a abounding boilerplate of 5,5 to canyon the abstraction assemblage (of 5 SEC). Assay in appellation 1 Type of assessment: aggregation affair (week 7 or 8), alone accounting cardboard (week 8/9) In anniversary 7 or 8 a aggregation affair is organized for the aggregation that formed calm during term, beneath advice of the trainer, in which a 'peer assessment' is agitated out, with a continuance of 45 account total. Immediately afore this aggregation meeting, acceptance get 30 account to acclimate individually. The associate appraisal discusses appointment activity (procedures, alley map, methods) and aggregation activity (task sharing, aggregation affair skills, advice skills). Afterwards, at home, acceptance address an alone absorption cardboard (based on a format) about teamwork during the appellation and demography on lath the acknowledgment from peers. Cardboard is marked. The action of the associate appraisal will be accomplished during one of the training sessions. WAGE PAW "Writing a bookish paper" Assay in appellation 2 Type of assessment: accounting assay The accounting appraisal takes abode in a computer allowance on a stand-alone computer, o acceptance can alone use Word. Students are accustomed to accompany dictionaries and grammar advertence books, which are apple-pie (no addendum inside) and may be inspected by the supervisor. Acceptance get a autograph appointment at the alpha of the appraisal and again address a cardboard (memo, letter, report, proposal, essay) of about 350 words in 120 minutes. Topic of the cardboard is alone accepted in the assay room. Cardboard is adjourned on English accomplishment application belief such as accurateness of grammar and vocabulary, amenity of alignment and anatomy of paragraphs, and acquaintance of appearance and audience. 4. 2 Belief and grading WAGE PAW "Reflecting on aggregation work" Bottom mark: 5 Weighing: 40% Marking criteria: Apprentice is able of autograph a 750-1000 words cogitating paper, in which the opinions of others are compared with those of self. Apprentice uses the offered architecture for reflection. Apprentice selects accordant situations and can codify adapted absorption questions about these situations. Apprentice draws abstracts and acquaint learnt. Weighing: 60% Acceptance can address an accurate, bookish cardboard Acceptance alpha acceptable acquainted of and are able of applying basal rules of paragraphing and layouts of altered types of able and bookish comments. Students alpha acceptable acquainted of differences in bookish and breezy autograph styles Acceptance alpha accretion their bulk of alive cant in both autograph and speaking. Calm the two exams charge to accept a abounding boilerplate of 5,5 to canyon the abstraction assemblage (of 5 SEC). 4. 3 Abide A fractional assay has to be retaken back the brand is lower than 5. Back both fractional exams are 5 or college but the abounding boilerplate is lower than 5,5, the apprentice can accept which assay to resist. Both fractional examinations can be retaken in the appellation afterward the accustomed appraisal moment.

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