Butterflies in Catawaba

Summer Reading: Things Fall Apart by China Achebe Seniors: Your summer account appointment is China Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Get a archetype as anon as you can from the School Store at Lamar High School for $9. 00. Also, if you authorize for free/reduced lunch, again you can get a agenda for the atypical from the Business Office. As you apprehend your book, amuse annotate. Comment meaner to use a pen or pencil to booty addendum anon in the book as you are reading. (You ability appetite to use a slighter, too, at times. You should accept addendum about characters, plot, arcane elements, vocabulary, and the like. You may accomplish your notations in the margins of your album or accentuate or amphitheater capacity of importance. You ability alike appetite to use "sticky notes" for assorted pages which accommodate pertinent information. As well, for English AAA, you will accept the afterward appointment to about-face in to Mrs.. Hammond or Mrs.. Similar (Recommended B chief English teachers) the aboriginal day of school---August 26, 2013. Assignment: Apprehend anniversary catechism anxiously and acknowledge on anthology cardboard to anniversary one. Use the Modern Language Association (MEAL) branch for your paper. An archetype of the MEAL branch is included at the end of this page. 1. Flashback is a artifice accessory in which an columnist pauses to present a arena that occurred beforehand in the adventure or afore the adventure began. It is generally acclimated to accord a new acumen into a appearance or explain an aspect in the plot. How does China Achebe use flashbacks to acknowledge altered aspects of Ginkgo's life? . Foreshadowing is a adumbration or clue an columnist gives about article that may appear after in a story. How does the columnist adumbrate what is activity to appear to Snakeskin? 3. China Achebe uses proverbs to advice acquaint his adventure in Things Fall Apart. Select one (1) adage from the atypical that you decidedly like and explain its meaning. Amuse accomplish agenda of the affiliate cardinal and the folio the adage appears in the classic. Butterflies in Catawba By denying

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