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  Complete a abstract of the informative/positive account letter: Choose one of the afterward animal ability cases from Module 10 in your textbook: 10.13, 10.14, 10.16, or 10.17. If the exercise says abode a memo, abode a letter. Also abode your letter to a specific alone of your own choosing: absolute or created. Refer to folio 146 in your textbook. Fig. 10.1 contains bristles boxes: capital point, details, negatives, clairvoyant benefits, and amicableness ending. Think of anniversary one of these boxes as actuality an alone branch with the barring of the negatives. Instead of an alone branch for the negatives, amalgamate the negatives (if any exist) in with the clairvoyant benefits. Hence, your letter will accommodate four paragraphs: State the absolute news. Summarize the capital credibility (3-4 curve in length). Provide capacity and explain fully. Elaborate on the arbitrary in the aboriginal branch (5-7 curve in length). Discuss allowances to the reader. If negatives exist, present them compactly in the average of the branch and articulation the negatives with the clairvoyant allowances (5-7 curve in length). Goodwill ending. One or two positive, advanced attractive statements (2-3 curve in length). Within one page!

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