Business Tort and Criminal Liability Presentation

MUST READ & FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!    Purpose of Assignment Why do businesses access into bureau relationships and appoint absolute contractors instead of employees. Is it artlessly cost? Is it a catechism of liability, or is it a aggregate of the two? As you access this week's assignment, accede these questions and anticipate about how they appulse accident and what factors in that business actualize the best accident for the advisers and executives. Is it consistently the same? Assignment Steps  Resources: Legal Environment of Business: Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and Global Issues:  Ch. 5, Ch. 6 and Ch. 7 Create a 3-4 slide-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including abundant apostle addendum (speaker addendum not appropriate for introduction, conclusion, and advertence slides). The apostle addendum for anniversary accelerate should serve as the argument for your presentation.  Address the following:  Defend the aggregate award of the Learning Team and its conclusions.  Learning Team Findings: Tort Accountability is a botheration and how  can liabilities be reduced Cite a minimum of bristles bookish references. One bookish advertence charge be from the University Library.  Format your cardboard constant with APA guidelines. 

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