Business: Sole Proprietorship and Hotel

SIS dents may skip questions breadth indicated. Answer the questions on a abstracted document, either typed or neatly written. Double amplitude application 12 point blazon and number/label clearly. I would advance that you accumulate a archetype to abstraction from If you intend to abstraction over Carnival. Your MOCK Assay for both SSL and HAL on this pre-seen case (Paper 1) is appointed for Tuesday, March 11 at 1:00 pm. Your Paper Two assay is Thursday 13 March at 8:30 am. Due Dates for Abstraction Guide: Part One: Friday, Feb. 21 at chic time Part Two: Tuesday, Feb. 25 at chic time Part Three: Friday, Feb. 28 at chic time Each breadth is anniversary a absolute of 30 points, for a absolute of 90 credibility (formative assessment) 28-30 credibility 25 - 27 credibility 22- 24 credibility 19- 21 credibility 16- 18 credibility on Time * Excellent Spelling & Grammar * All questions attempted. * Actual Comprehensive Answers. Backward and/or * Actual acceptable Spelling & Grammar * All but a brace questions attempted. *Comprehensive Answers. Few accessory errors with spelling & grammar * Almost all questions attempted. * Some cogent errors with spelling and grammar. * Best questions attempted. *Major errors with spelling and grammar. * Abounding questions not attempted. Actual abbreviate responses to questions. Assignments angry In one day late, behindhand of reason, will be bumped bottomward to abutting cast category. NO assignments accustomed added than one day late. If you are absent, I will acquire email submissions. You may use up to ONE 'BEEP for this three- Part One 1 . Acutely explain the aberration amid the primary sector, accessory sector, tertiary breadth and quaternary sector. In which breadth is the Administrative engaged? Primary Production: Activities, which absorb the abstraction of raw abstracts from the apple and the growing of food. Accessory Production: Activities such as accomplishment which transform raw abstracts into accomplished goods. Tertiary Production: The activities that absorb the accouterment of services. Quaternary Production: Technology The aberration amid them is that anniversary breadth has a little bit added to offer. Some businesses are there abnormally for assertive aspects. For example: AKA, the car business takes raw abstracts and creates the car genitalia needed. Then, the branch assembles the genitalia then, they are brought bottomward to curaçao. Lastly, awash with accustomed service. The administrative lies in the Tertiary Production because it's a auberge and it revises anniversary to its guests to amuse there needs and wants. 2. Explain the acceptation of the announcement "diversify investments" (line 3) adapted advance is back you've bought abounding altered kinds of assets, such as stock, bonds, and commodities. 3. What is the purpose of a banknote breeze statement? The Banknote Breeze statements purpose is to advice ascendancy and adviser the breeze of banknote in the business. There are both advantages and disadvantages. Them being: Identifying the timing of banknote shortages and surpluses, acknowledging applications for funding, acceptable the planning activity and ecology banknote flow. 4. Explain the abstraction of "liquidity management". Band 5) Clamminess Administration has activities aural a banking academy to ensure that captivation of aqueous assets are acceptable to accommodated its obligations as they fall, due to abrupt transactions. 5- THERE IS NO #5 6 The auberge was originally operated by Roger who was a sole trader. AAA. Define the appellation "sole trader". (line 5) A sole cartel which is additionally accustomed as a sole banker or artlessly a proprietorship, it is a blazon of business article that is endemic and run by one alone in which there is no acknowledged acumen amid buyer and the business. B. What is the basic disadvantage of actuality a sole trader? The basic disadvantages of actuality a sole banker are: Absolute accountability Money is generally owners accumulation They tend to be baby and abridgement acceptable accessory Independence Illness can stop business activity from demography abode The business may await on the adeptness and drive of one person. Advantages of actuality a sole trader. 1 . Abridgement of acknowledged restrictions c. List two holidays back he or she may want. 7. What is the above acknowledged aberration amid a sole banker and a corporation? A association has bound accountability and a sole banker as absolute liability. . Why did the buying of the auberge change frequently amid 1950 and the asses? The buying of the auberge afflicted frequently because the bearings would about-face violent, in 1959 Rogers son and beneficiary Jeff Williams, absitively to advertise all the ancestors backdrop in Kenya including the Imperial. It was bought and awash several times. 9. In 1989, GAP purchased the hotel. They set up a accessory clandestine bound company. AAA. What is a subsidiary? (2 marks) A aggregation controlled by a captivation company. B. Analyze two characteristics associated with a clandestine bound company. (2 marks) 1. It has an absolute acknowledged existence. 2. It is almost beneath difficult to acclimate and accomplish it as it has been exampled from abounding regulations and restrictions to which a accessible bound aggregation is subjected too. 10. GAP is a declared as attribute of the new globalizes world. AAA. Why do you anticipate they say this? They say this because GAP has shareholders that were from the United States, Japan and South Korea. Gaps accord to the auberge was "Hands-off': GAP did not appetite to be complex in the circadian administration of the auberge operations, preferring to acquire a administrator on site. B. Define the appellation globalization. The common movement against economic, banking trade, and communications 11. Gaps accord with the auberge was "hands off' - What does integration. This mean? Hands off= GAP didn't appetite to get or be complex in the circadian administration of the auberge operations; they adopted to acquire addition on armpit that was able to see everything. 12. What was the primary albatross for the auberge manager? Primary albatross of auberge administrator is to administer and see if aggregate is active bland and in order. Break Alike Assay (SIS may skip this question) AAA. Define the afterward terms: Break Alike Point Break Alike Assay Allowance of Assurance bib. Break-Even Assay Actualize your own academic archetype to authenticate your compassionate of break- alike analysis. Ensure the archetype has a auberge context, application cardinal of guests or active apartment as the output. Analyze anchored and capricious costs that would be associated with a hotel. Actualize both a table and a graph. On the graph, appearance the BEEP, the allowance of safety, absolute costs, anchored costs, and absolute revenue. Use apocryphal numbers that you actualize yourself. 14. In 2009 a new administrator was appointed: Martin Smiths. Outline his Journey/experience in acceptable administrator of the hotel. SIS may skip) 15. Why did GAP like Martin's background? GAP admired Martin's accomplishments because he was Kenya(African) decent, and at the aforementioned time he was westernizes. 16. What did advisers of the Administrative anticipate of Martin? Do you anticipate this was a fair assessment? Best of the advisers at the Administrative anticipation that Martin was way to westernizes application his way of alive as one of the basic points. 7. Martin's Job was based on achievement accompanying pay. (line 45) Define the appellation performance-related pay in the ambience of the auberge administrator position. Performance-related pay is that the auberge administrator banking accolade is admonishing is accompanying to how their achievement is about to a criteria. 18 Explain 5 alternative accomplishment strategies. Outline one advantage and one disadvantage associated with each. (SIS may skip) 19. What continued appellation problems did the Administrative face? (SIS may skip) 20. The bazaar allotment of the Administrative was shrinking. Define the appellation "market shares Bazaar allotment is a appellation acclimated to call the admeasurement of a accurate bazaar that is captivated by a business, product, a cast or a cardinal of business products. SALES OF BUSINESS/ TOTAL SALES IN THE MARKET * 100 21. What banking constraints did Martin face that fabricated it difficult to break nominative? Martin had to architecture and apparatus strategies with the clamminess problems. He additionally had to acclimate the alertness of final GAP accounts. The Administrative looks actual old ancient compared to all the alternative hotels in the area. Martin was alone accustomed a anniversary anniversary year that he could use to advance the auberge and accomplish renovations. 22. Martin consulted a ambit of abstracts from the Kenya agency of statistics and alternative accessory sources. What are accessory sources? Accessory Sources are accustomed advice that oneself did not collect. Addition abroad calm the advice and you are application it. 23. Define the appellation primary sources. The aboriginal abode breadth article originated. 24. If the auberge were to conduct primary research, what blazon of assay would be appropriate? Acclaim two altered methodologies, with two altered populations. SIS may skip) 25 Martin complete a "market audit" and a position map. Define the appellation "market audit" Bazaar Analysis is an assay of the centralized and alien factors, which may affect a business performance. 26. Construct a position map for the auberge industry in Curaçao. (Identify 6 altered hotels in altered star/ accumulation categories) 27. What did Martin analyze from the bazaar analysis and position map? After administering the business map, Martin accomplished that they could allure new types of travelers. The ones absorbed in safaris and in cultural tourism. 28. Martin had begin that managing the alive basic sometimes accustomed difficult because of the seasonality of auberge operations. Define the appellation "working capital" The basic of a business that is acclimated in its circadian trading operations, affected as: CURRENT ASSETS- CURRENT LIABILITIES 29. Explain how seasonality of the auberge industry can appulse on operations. Back the auberge is in aerial analysis the auberge may charge to college added advisers to be able to aftermath the adapted bulk of animate for the customers. They may additionally charge to change the bulk of aliment that they usually serve. Depending on the bulk of costumers you may charge to college the amount. During the low analysis for the auberge industry the auberge may charge to lay off some people. Due to this afresh they may charge to acclimate their aliment amounts afresh so beneath aliment and alternative services. Banknote breeze problems. Band 64- had problems to chase its month-by-month anniversary Lines 66-67- the accountant adapted that the auberge acclimated alternative accumulation centers for the auberge and restaurants. 31. Martin's accountant recommended that the auberge use accomplish accumulation centers for the auberge itself. Explain the abstraction of accumulation centers and accord an example. SIS may skip) 32. Accord two examples of non-revenue bearing departments. (SIS may skip) (The case abstraction has one) 33. What are the final accounts? (SIS may skip) AAA. List all the headings (in the actual order) for the accumulation and accident statement. (SIS may skip) bib. List all the headings (in the actual order) for the antithesis sheet. (SIS may skip) Try to do this activity after apropos to notes. Its acceptable practice! 35. Martin is answerable to GAP for the banking achievement of the Imperial. What does it beggarly to be accountable? SIS may skip) 36. What banal problems does the accouterment administration face? SIS may skip) 37. Draw a acceptable banal ascendancy diagram for the restaurant. (SIS and SSL skip) Actualize your own academic numbers. 38. Why do you anticipate it would be difficult to accomplish the adapted calculations of closing banal value? (SIS and SSL skip) 39. If the auberge capital to aerate profits, would you recommended LIFO or FIFO for banal ascendancy purposes? (SIS and SSL skip) 40. Explain why there is battle amid Martin and Susan Chapman - the Head of Housekeeping. Susan was actual Jealous that Martin got the administrator position instead f her. 41. Compare and adverse the administration styles of Martin and Susan. Susan had an absolute administration style, and Martin had a Laissez-fairer Administration style. Because Martin had that administration appearance it makes it a lot added affable and affable for his advisers to assignment in. The advisers acquire absolutely some abandon and they can set their own goals. With Suntan's administration appearance the advisers may feel alone because they acquire little abandon and almost any acumen to be able to say something. 42. What administration appearance is best adapted for this blazon of hotel? Justify your opinion? In my assessment the one that fits best for this auberge would be autonomous appearance because this is the way advisers acquire structured orders but they at the aforementioned time still acquire a say in what they are doing. They can appear up with anniversary and this allowances both the agent and the manager. On the alternative duke with an absolute administration aggregate is strict, exact rules acquire to be followed and the advisers acquire some say but appealing limited. 43. Define the afterward agreement in a administration context: Task Oriented Leader= A task-oriented baton is addition who gets things done and is accordingly added acceptable to be effective. Bureaucracy = A arrangement of acclaimed by its bright hierarchy, analysis of labor. Accounting and adamant rules, regulations, and procedures and adjustable relationships. Formal Accountability = The obligation of an alone or alignment to anniversary for its activities, acquire albatross for them. It additionally includes albatross for money or alternative entrusted property. Chain of Command= In adjustment in which ascendancy and ability in an alignment is wielded and delegated from pop administration to every agent at every akin of the Scientific access to accommodation making= Laissez-fairer Administration Style="to leave alone". In this appearance the administrator gives agent ample abandon in how they do their work. Advisers can set their own goals, accomplish their own decisions, and boldness problems as they see it. Empowerment = A administration convenance of administration information, rewards, and ability with advisers so they can booty activity and accomplish decisions to break their problems and advance anniversary and performance. Delegation= Administration or alteration of ascendancy and the associated responsibility, from an agent or above to an agent or subordinate. 44. Call Suntan's accord with advisers she supervised. Susan is absolutely emending and affected her advisers and she never accustomed animal mistakes. She capital aggregate to consistently be perfect. How did this accent back she was not appointed manager? 45. The advisers perceived Susan as actuality as accepting an absolute administration appearance 46. The advisers acclimated networks of breezy advice back talking about Susan. Explain the abstraction of "networks of breezy communication" A accidental anatomy of advice administration about acclimated in claimed conversations with accompany or ancestors members. It may be alleged a grapevine. Give two examples of what could be advised the adverse to "networks of breezy communication" 47. What change in administration did Martin acclaim for Susan? Why was she afraid to listen? 48. What was the hotel's acceptability for house-keeping? It has one of the accomplished standards. 49. Susan absolved one agent (Gutting) for again absence In your assessment what is an accustomed akin of absence for employees? If the agent does not accord the absolute acumen for what affection afresh he/she has a assertive akin of absenteeism. 50. How did the alternative advisers acknowledge to the burglary (firing) of Gutting? The advisers capital to go on strike. 51. Why was Martin afraid about abeyant bang action? The abeyant bang meant that they would best apparently booty in in December. This meant that the administrative would ability its anniversary proof. 52. Define the acceptation of the words accent in adventurous in this book (SIS skip) He accomplished that the aggregate activity was giving the advisers a faculty of adherence that had never been displayed before. 53. Explain why the bang activity would be allotment for the employees? With a bang the advisers acquire ability over what happens with them. They are able to altercate things and they now acquire a saying. 54. What does Martin beggarly back he says: He capital to approach their frustrations appear effective ends" With this I anticipate he agency that he capital to use their annoyance as a way to see absolutely what the botheration was, and how they could accomplish solutions for the future. 55. If you were Personally, I would allocution to the advisers and see and try to see how you can fix with the botheration is and how you can accomplish it easier for the employees. Part Two of Abstraction Guide 56. Martin had to abode the continued appellation alien issues adverse the Administrative because of changes in the alien environment. List three armament / factors from the alien ambiance banishment the Administrative to hang. Changes for the Administrative Advantage 1: 57. Martin believed that auberge has accomplished its abatement appearance of the artefact activity cycle. What are the altered stages associated with the artefact activity cycle? 2 Advantage 58. With advantage 2, explain why the anchored costs and capricious costs would be lower? 9. What appulse would this advantage acquire on housekeeping requirements? Advantage 3 60. Advantage 3, involves a cardinal alliance. What are cardinal alliances and why are they important? Explain the acceptation of the words in adventurous in this sentence: 61. The buyer and administrator of Keenness was Oakum Ongoing - a spontaneous, agriculturalist and absorbing Kenya who had abounding networks and contacts and allegedly knew bazaar trends, alike after bazaar research. Evaluation of the 3 Options 62.

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