Business Requirement Document

The CEO and CIO accept accustomed your recommendations for implementing an EDMS for the Hollywood Organic Co-op’s bristles sites. They accept requested that you advance a business requirements certificate (BRD) that capacity the requirements and architecture for an action EDMS. Begin alive on the advice that charge be included in the final business requirements certificate due in Week 6. Write a 2- to 3-page requirements certificate abstract that addresses creating a new EDMS to be acclimated by your aggregation to abundance and clue all e-documents. Identify the types of e-documents and alternative agreeable that can be created (e.g., letters, spreadsheets, reports, or cardboard images). For anniversary blazon of e-document, accommodate an archetype e-document that may abide in the Hollywood Organic Co-op organization. Define the key cadre aural the Hollywood Organic Co-op alignment who crave admission to the EDMS. Describe adapted analytic admission controls for the EDMS based on the roles aural the alignment who crave admission to anniversary blazon of e-document. Note: You may architecture this appointment in a bulleted list, certificate table, or alternative adjustment of your best in a Microsoft® Word document. A anecdotal or academic cardboard is not required.

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