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Diagram a broadcast database ambiance in Microsoft® Visio® using the Appendix A certificate (Attached) Include the afterward in your diagram: A assembly database A abstracts warehouse Two abstracts marts  Security and aliment elements annotated in your aboriginal diagram Create a 3-page arbitrary in Microsoft® Word that: Identifies and discusses the database tables acclimated to actualize your broadcast database environment Identifies and discusses three SQL queries to advance letters from the abstracts concern account in the case study Explains the archetypal operation of a abstracts barn and abstracts marts, forth with operational considerations and constraints Discusses how DreamHome could account from abstracts mining and how OLAP and abstracts mining applications could be activated to the DreamHome data model. Includes the SQL statements for anniversary of the appropriate queries and screenshots assuming the concern results A absolute account of the action you acclimated to actuate the abstracts types acclimated in anniversary table An account of the best difficult action in designing and architecture the abstracts and how organizations can affected these difficulties

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